Casting Bits: A Dean for 'Up All Night', A Duke for 'New Girl', A 'Once Upon a Time' Villain, and More
With new episodes come new stars, as you can see from the casting news roundup we've got for you today. We've also got a few of them making their return in 2012. For a year predicted to be The End, it doesn't sound so bad if you look at who's headed to your TV screens:

Dean Winters to Guest Star on Up All Night: TV Guide reports that Chris (Will Arnett) is going to have a rough new year. On an early 2012 episode, we get to meet his brother, Casey, who's bringing a whole bag of sibling rivalry for us to enjoy.

CSI: Miami Gets Sexier: According to TVLine, Raquel Welch has been tapped to play "the matriarch of [a] very powerful Miami family". By that, we mean she's the mom of Diego Navarro (Carlos Bernard) and the grandmother of Esteban (Kuno Becker), even if she doesn't look like one.

Another actress gracing the series next year is film star Bo Derek, making her return after five years. confirms that she'll be playing a mom running a stable, which isn't as peaceful as it seems.

Karolina Wyndra, Back at House: Another big casting bit from TVLine is the return of this bride. Dominica from season 7, who married our dear doctor for a green card, is scheduled to come back in 2012. What's more, Wyndra's role is a potentially recurring one. Sounds like trouble.

New Boys for New Girl: As if the FOX comedy isn't funny enough, they've pulled in Kick-Ass star Clark Duke for episode 13. TVLine reports that he'll be playing Cliff, an intern working for Nick's new love interest, Julia (Lizzy Caplan!). And the guys hit it off, unfortunately for her.

Ryan Kwanten of True Blood is still getting the ladies, and this time (cue theme song) it's Jess! According to E! Online, he'll be making his way to the Valentine's Day episode as Oliver, and Jess makes her way towards him. For a one-night stand. Which may or may not go as smoothly as Schmidt hopes.

Gaston Goes to Once Upon a Time: Emilie de Ravin's been cast as the ravishing bookworm Belle, so who's the non-Beast trailing after her? E! Online says it's Psych star Sage Brocklebank! We'll get to meet him in episode 12, "Skin Deep," airing February 12 next year.

Well, aren't those enough reasons to be excited for 2012? No? Here's another one: Misha Collins returning to Supernatural. Beware, Leviathans!

(Images courtesy of NBC, FOX, ABC)