BuddyTV Daily Quiz: When TV Characters Argue (But Not Fight... Yet)
Hah, TV people. Sometimes you're good friends, but other times you're busy arguing. Or conniving against each other. But unless you're a diabolical maniac or a non-human creature (or Santana Lopez), you never end up hurting each other.

Not that I condone violence or anything. You know my point, right?

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Anyway, today's TV quiz, all about the arguments we saw on TV recently (and, in one case, not-so-recently). Lovers drift apart, couples fight, rivals start showing off, you get the idea. It's like us, really. We create the quiz, you answer it, and you get a bit frustrated, but you can't hurt us. We think.

Oh well, Quiz time, then.

More quizzes, you say? Well, aren't you a toughie? Try our Teen Choice Awards special, then! That is, if you're not yet seething in anger.

(Images courtesy of ABC, Fox and CBS)

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