BuddyTV Daily Quiz: This Week In TV, July 2-8
Another week of television has passed, which means it's time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It's pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea.

While most of TV took a break thanks to the Fourth of July holiday (there's a quiz for that!) this week saw the return of Big Brother to our screens, with a bunch of twists making sure that we'll stick with them for the long run. Elsewhere, America's Got Talent finally wrapped up six weeks of tedious audition episodes, and revealed the Top 48 acts which will head to the live shows. And then there's a topless Eric Northman, not knowing that he's Eric Northman. Ahh, how the ladies might've swooned.

Well, we've done this quiz before -- all the answers can be found around BuddyTV's coverage over the past week. Ready to take it on?

There are more quizzes to keep your weekends busy: here's one on reality competition personalities, and here's one on TV's mean girls. With that, I bid you... happy weekend!

(Images courtesy of MTV, USA and HBO)