BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Never Too Many TV Chefs In the Kitchen
It's Restaurant Week in New York this week, which means anybody in the Big Apple has the chance to sample the city's best food spots for less. Cue my New Yorker friend, telling me about all these wonderful places in the Tribeca district, running the gamut from French cuisine to Indian cuisine, from steaks to pizza (New York-style, natch)... and cue me, the guy who can't be there for the occasion.

Rather than feel bad about myself, I ended up making a quiz about it! Today's quiz is all about cooking shows and TV chefs. And why not? Tom Collichio has a restaurant in New York, Gordon Ramsay has a restaurant in New York, Bobby Flay has loads of them... the idea is, we may not get to eat in all those fancy restaurants, but we get to experience their food anyway, thanks to TV shows such as Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen and all the stuff we see on the Food Network.

Right, then. Behold ten questions on TV's biggest food shows, best taken with a full stomach:

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(Images courtesy of Fox, Food Network and Bravo)