BuddyTV Daily Quiz: May The Hoff Be With You
The premiere of CBS' new reality series Same Name (and an accompanying plug on Big Brother) has put David Hasselhoff back into the spotlight, or whatever defines "spotlight" at the moment, which is a Twitter trending topic.

Anyway, it's not that he was gone for a long time. Sure, he left America's Got Talent a couple of seasons back, and sure, he only lasted one week on Dancing with the Stars. But surely whenever you hear the Baywatch theme tune you have flashbacks of Mitch Buchannon holding that red floater thingie? Or maybe you watch the recent remake of Knight Rider and can't get the original Michael Knight off your head?

Thus, today's daily quiz, which pays homage to David Hasselhoff -- he who tore down the Berlin Wall, saved countless lives, and released a couple of songs along the way. Nothing beats a guy who's pop culture (and all of its parody-worthy qualities) personified.

Enough with the introductions, then. Quiz!

Unfortunately the Hoff isn't part of our quiz on TV's cliques yesterday, but in case you want to answer that, then go ahead. I don't think he'd mind.

(Image courtesy of WENN)