BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Hanging Out With TV's Cliques
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Hanging Out With TV's Cliques
Last night the final season of Entourage kicked off, meaning we get to spend time with Vincent and his Hollywood gang for one last time. That got us thinking: why not celebrate the best cliques on television?

Or whatever you call it. Groups, gangs, mobs, roommates, neighbors, fellow cheerleaders, fellow interns... TV's had lots of these sort of groups, from the people who assembled at the bar in Cheers ("sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...") to the people who always grabbed a cup at Central Perk on Friends ("I'll be there for you...") to those nerds who try to get a grip with life on The Big Bang Theory (now, that theme song's hard to follow... "BIG BANG!")

So, enter today's quiz, about TV's cliques. Or whatever you call them. It's so hard putting a single name to these groups, don't you think?


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