BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Going Sci-Fi at Warp Speed
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Going Sci-Fi at Warp Speed
Last week I wrote about Syfy's kickass Monday night schedule (check out previews of tonight's Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas here!) so for today's quiz, I thought, why not do something about sci-fi on TV?

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But of course! The small screen's always been a place for us to open our imaginations and go where no man has gone before, from the original Star Trek and The X Files to modern classics such as Fringe. And for good measure, we've thrown in a bit of the paranormal in there -- which means, yes, Supernatural fans, there's a question for you here, too.

So, all aboard the quiz, then -- and full speed ahead!


There's more onboard entertainment with our weekly TV quiz right here. And we've got more questions to cover in the coming days!

(Photos courtesy of Syfy)

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