BuddyTV Daily Quiz: All about TV's Nurses and Doctors
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: All about TV's Nurses and Doctors
We love our doctors on TV. Recently we created a list of our favorite ER Doctors in other roles because while they're great in their new roles, they will forever be in our hearts as County General's finest.

I should also mention that tonight is also the season finale of Nurse Jackie, and this season has been a rocky road to recovery (if you want to call it that).

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It seemed fitting that today's daily quiz be about past and present nurses and doctors on TV. So, if you think you remember which Doctor went to school on a wrestling scholarship or who gave a certain student pseudoephedrine tablets it's time to prove it. Test yourself, challenge others and share your scores:

If nurses and doctors aren't your thing, check out yesterday's Father's Day quiz or check back tomorrow when we take on TV love triangles.

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