BuddyTV Daily Quiz: All About Celebrities Who Date Around. A Lot.
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I'll say this: celebrities are humans, too. They get hurt, they work hard, and they fall in love. They date around. Some of them, a lot. Difference is, they get noticed for it more than we do. And by that, I mean news reports devoted to who's dating who. Column inches speculating whether they're together or not. Hours spent in the water cooler doing all the same. So maybe what I said earlier isn't entirely true, after all...

Anyway, while we here at BuddyTV talk about what's going on in your television screens, we're also a bit interested in celebrity couples and all that. End result: today's daily quiz, which is all about celebrity serial daters. You know, the people who seem to pull lovers like a magnet. Or the people who manage to juggle a healthy love live alongside their work. Or the people on The Bachelor. (They get paid to date girls, right?) You get the idea.

So, just for fun, ten questions on... those guys who we talk about around the water cooler most of the time. Should be easy, yes? After all, they're everywhere.

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