BuddyTV Daily Quiz: A Good Day for TV's Bad Boys
Leather jackets, one-liners as piercing as their eyes and the trademark devil-may-care attitude: that's what most TV bad boys are made of. Sometimes, we find out they're actually softies underneath all that. Other times, they're really just jerks.

But there's always that guy, full of bravado, who makes heads turn as he swaggers into a room. So we're paying tribute to some of them today. Expect questions on The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore, Community's Jeff Winger, and a Big Brother winner who played it dirty.

When you're done swooning, take a shot at today's quiz:

After all, it's only right. We did treat you to TV's Bad Girls last week and the hottest women of summer yesterday. 

(Image Courtesy of NBC and FOX)