BuddyTV Daily Quiz: A Bite Out of TV Vampires
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: A Bite Out of TV Vampires
Vampires have always been prevalent in the small screen, so hey, it was inevitable that we do a quiz about them. But we're also celebrating the premiere of True Blood's latest season, which gives us perfect timing to bring blood and bloodsuckers to your brains.

When you're a fan of one vampire show, you're bound to know about the others, right? We'll see about that. Here we have questions that tackle TV vampire lore, from Moonlight to Supernatural to The Vampire Diaries.

If that's not enough of the paranormal for you, try our Joss Whedon quiz for more Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel trivia. Also, check out our previous quiz, featuring what happened last week in the world of television. 

When you're done getting your high on blood, check back tomorrow as we cover other addictions with our TV Stoners quiz!

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