Buddy Bites: Ulrich Leaves 'LO:LA,' 'Big Bang' Renewed, 'NCIS' Hits Record High
Buddy Bites: Ulrich Leaves 'LO:LA,' 'Big Bang' Renewed, 'NCIS' Hits Record High
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's a busy day for TV news. There is a major cast shakeup at NBC, a three-year renewal on CBS and a record-breaking night in the ratings for NCIS.

Law and Order: Los Angeles Cast Shakeup

The Law and Order franchise is known for its revolving door casting, and the newest spin-off is experiencing it earlier than most. Halfway through the first season stars Skeet Ulrich, Megan Boone and Regina Hall have all left the show as it undergoes a revamp. Ulrich played the lead detective Rex Winters while Boone and Hall played the ADAs. Losing Ulrich is a big deal since he's the de facto star of the show, but losing Boone and Hall is less of a hit. The original series went through seven different ADAs, none lasting more than four seasons. Law and Order: Los Angeles is scheduled to return Tuesday, February 8 at 10pm.

More Big Bang

CBS is recognizing what a huge hit The Big Bang Theory is by renewing the show for an additional three seasons. This means the show will still be on the air in 2014, assuming the Mayans were wrong. The show has helped CBS by winning awards and ratings, allowing the network to branch out with comedies into Thursday, destroying what was left of NBC's Must-See TV lineup.

NCIS Hits Record High

It's good to be NCIS. The show returned from its winter break last night and was watched by 21.93 million viewers, the show's highest ratings ever. The show's previous record was set last year with the first episode of 2010 at 21.37 million. Now in its eighth season, the show is proving to be a juggernaut, defeating all the competition and ruling the world of television.

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