'Black Sails' Premiere: Arrgh You Ready for Pirates?
'Black Sails' Premiere: Arrgh You Ready for Pirates?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Black Sails premieres on January 25 bringing the world of pirates to our television screen. It's a complex time on the seas when those looting ships shift from working under the approval of the British Crown to being deemed criminals. The story is based on historical fact, but with a fictional twist.

Earlier this month, the cast and producers held a panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour to discuss the series.

History Meets Fiction: "Just to set the history context a little bit, I think you have to understand that there are actual pirates. Some of the characters here are actual people: Jack Rackham, Charles Vance, Anne Bonny. Those are all very real people. Flint and Long John Silver are mentioned and, clearly, the characters from Treasure Island

But the historical context and what we've tried to do in terms of recreating this world was to find a place that felt historically realistic." - Carmi Zlotnik, Starz

Women in this World: "It's really interesting because it's a world where sexuality and boundaries have been completely broken down. So to play a young woman who doesn't have those kind of social restrictions put on her, who is free to use her sexuality, in whichever way is advantageous to her, is fabulous." - Hannah New, Eleanor Guthrie

Pirate Clothes: "... we put on our pirate clothes, but those are the clothes that we wear. They're dirty like -- they're not fancy. They're not clean. They're dirty. They smell -- we smell, you know. It's like -- it's the real world. 

And also, it was important to us to not kind of pose as these people. We wanted to make them seem like real people, like that they are -- they're pirates, but one can identify with them as real people." - Toby Stephens, Captain Flint

Violence: "While there is a level of brutality and cruelty and violence, I think you'll find, as you kind of watch the show, that in this world, it's like the law -- the rules of the jungle -- in some ways. The cruelty and the violence and all that kind of comes out of that survival and that need to actually survive the day and make it." - Zach McGowan, Captain Vane

Black Sails premieres on Saturday, January 25 at 9 pm ET on Starz.

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