Ann Curry Is About to Leave 'Today,' But Who Will Replace Her?
Ann Curry Is About to Leave 'Today,' But Who Will Replace Her?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's not exactly news at this point that Ann Curry is expected to leave Today. But who will replace her on the NBC morning show? There is now a very likely candidate. reports that NBC has picked Savannah Guthrie to replace Ann Curry when the latter makes her exit from Today. Apparently, this exit is being delayed only by negotiations.

Of course it's all about money. These things always are. Ann Curry's current three-year contract provides for a salary of $10 million per year. Since Curry is only one year into that contract, she and her lawyer are trying to get a $20 million payout from NBC.

NBC, naturally, doesn't want to pay a penny more than necessary. Reports indicate that the current offer from the network is $10 million and a foreign-correspondent job. Understandably, Ann Curry isn't so excited about that.

The move to replace Curry came after negotiations with her co-host, Matt Lauer, were finalized. Lauer is apparently valuable enough to NBC that rumors place the host's salary at close to $30 million per year. If Matt Lauer didn't want Ann Curry around (a possibility), she would have to go.

As for the replacement waiting in the wings, it is likely that NBC wants Savannah Guthrie to start work before the London Summer Olympics begin. Guthrie is currently the co-host of Today's 9am hour and the Chief Legal Analyst for NBC News. If Savannah Guthrie does indeed replace Ann Curry, the move will mean a promotion of Guthrie to Today's main co-host position.

Although names such as Meredith Vieira and Hoda Kotb have all been rumored as replacements for Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie is the first name that seems likely as a choice from NBC.

When exactly will Ann Curry leave Today? Considering that it's a legal dispute holding matters up, the exact timing is anyone's guess. But the departure of the Today co-host seems pretty much certain at this point.

I suppose we should get ready for Savannah Guthrie in the mornings!

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