7 Reasons to Check Out 'Chozen'
7 Reasons to Check Out 'Chozen'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
FX's new show Chozen premiered on FX last week and introduced the world to a whole new type of rapper. The cast, including Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Burress, Michael Pena, Nick Swardson and Method Man, as well as creator and executive producer Grant Dekernion, and executive producers Tom Brady and Danny McBride were on hand at last week's Television Critics Association press tour for a panel about the show. 

Still not sure Chozen is a show for you? Here are some highlights from the panel that might change your mind:

Surprisingly enough, the rap songs for the show are written by creator Grant Dekernion. According to Method Man, "Sex and Murder" is his favorite. Another fun fact:  Dekernion is the voice of Chozen when he raps on the show. 

It never occurred to Method Man that the lead character being gay would make some people react the way they have to the show. "It's never been a problem to me," he said. 

Method Man knows that some people may take offense at the show and he's okay with that. "Absolutely people in the rap culture will take offense and that makes me want to do it more," he said, adding that the show also makes fun of hip hop and gays and that sometimes "you have to knock people off" their pedestals. 

It's not just a show about hip hop, according to Dekernion. "I feel a connection to hip hop fans and I love hip hop and have for a long time," Dekernion said, adding that the show wasn't just about hip hop, but about a guy wanting to reach his dreams.

The show has some serious elements, too.  " huge part of this show is his adjustment after being in jail," Dekernion said, adding that the show concentrated on the idea of someone being isolated from society during informative years. "He's a man out of time," Dekernion said.

Eventually, Chozen will venture out of the world of college. Dekernion said that they wanted to have Chozen in a college atmosphere to allow for different types of friends, as well as family members, to come into his life. "I thought it wold be funny to have an ex con sleeping in a college," Dekernion said, adding "I think eventually we'll lead them beyond the walls of the college."

The show will make you root for someone you don't expect. "For us, we like to figure out a subject or a person that an audience isn't used to rooting for and make them used to it," EP McBride said. "We like to push boundaries. Sometimes that can be dangerous because it can be read as being offensive. If you can make people laugh at something they don't normally laugh at, I think there's something divine in that."

Chozen airs on Monday night at 10:30pm on FX. 

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