5 Reasons USA's 'Chrisley Knows Best' Is Must-See TV
5 Reasons USA's 'Chrisley Knows Best' Is Must-See TV
Lindsay Podolak
Lindsay Podolak
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Todd Chrisley was made for reality television. He is smug, opinionated, and colorful. He loves the sound of his own voice and has never met a mirror he didn't like.

Starting tonight, he will be entertaining viewers in Chrisley Knows Best, a new reality show on USA about the wealthy Chrisley family: Todd, Julie, and their five children.

Here are five reasons why the Chrisleys will keep viewers coming back for more this season on Chrisley Knows Best.

Reason #1: Is He or Isn't He?

Much of the buzz about Todd Chrisley seems to be whether or not he's gay. His mannerisms are very feminine and he's into fashion...yet he claims to be happily married and has a gaggle of children.

So, what's the deal? Will it be addressed on the show or will it remain the elephant in the 1,500 square foot room?

Reason #2: Those Accents

Sometimes I may need a translator, but for the most part I love to hear a Southern drawl...or a whole house full of them!

The Chrisleys have thick Georgia accents and they say things like "Waffle House" and "y'all." And my new favorite expression: "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit."

Reason #3: The Chrisley Children are a Riot

There are five Chrisley children: 24-year-old Lindsie, 23-year-old Kyle, 17-year-old Chase, 16-year-old Savannah, and 7-year-old Grayson.

These kids are spoiled, completely inappropriate and hilarious. What 7-year-old do you know that asks his mom if they can go to Hooters on the way home from first grade? Grayson Chrisley.

Reason #4: Todd Doesn't Hold Back

Todd is not afraid to tell his family (or the rest of the world) what he thinks.

Among Todd's notions: sizes 4-6 are the preferred size of women who will be shopping at his department store (meaning his larger wife would not be welcome).

Reason #5: Unique Discipline Ideas

Having trouble with your youngsters? No worries--Todd is full of creative problem-solving.

Catch your son with a married woman? Send him overseas for nine months.

Kids messing around on inappropriate websites? Toss their laptops in the pool. (Note: must have an abundance of money to practice such techniques.)

Chrisley Knows Best premieres Tuesday, March 11 at 10pm on USA.

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