[Video] 'Reign' Extended Preview: Should Mary Wed for Love or Politics?
[Video] 'Reign' Extended Preview: Should Mary Wed for Love or Politics?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Reign is the dramatized story of Mary, the Queen of Scot, beginning when she arrives in France to finalize the alliance between France and Scotland through her marriage to Prince Frances. It's not a simple tale of a wedding, rather it's a historical intrigue where politics can overrule the heart.

The extended preview does contain some spoilers from the Reign pilot, but it doesn't give away any of the big shockers. It provides an accurate feel for the tone and story of the series' premiere.

Check it out!

Reign Preview Summary

Nostradamus tells the Queen that he has "fleeting images" and "answers will come." Mary, Queen of Scots, leaves to go to live with her fiance, Prince Frances. The prince questions his father about the engagement, but is reassured that it won't happen until the Queen says so.

When Mary and her ladies-in-waiting arrive at the castle, Nostradamus tells the Queen that Mary will cost Frances his life. And, she worries about how she can control Mary since she's a Queen in her own right.

Frances has another woman in his bedroom. And, his bastard brother, Bash, befriends the Mary. Does Frances ever intend to marry her? Or, is the engagement strictly for political reasons? That's definitely up for question.

Mary is warned: "Don't drink the wine." and then is attacked in her bed. Mary's life is at risk and she's warned to not leave the castle alone for fear that someone may harm her.

"Love is irrelevant to people like us." - Frances
"You aren't the only one with a country to think of." - Mary

Politics! Romance! Love! Lust! Reign has it all. It's a complicated web that guides the royals to make decisions for self and country.

Casting Updates

In addition to the characters shown in the preview, a few additional casting announcements have been made for the season.

Manolo Cardona will be moving from the playing the mysterious role of Teo Braga on Covert Affairs to the Prince of Portugul on Reign. Will he spark interest in Mary's heart? Perhaps make Frances or Bash a bit jealous? 

Mary won't be without guidance for long in France. Her uncle, Claude, played by Shawn Doyle, will arrive at the palace. He'll be stirring up trouble between the King and Queen of France, while advising Mary.

What do you think of the premise? Will you watch this historical romantic intrigue?
Reign premieres on Thursday, October 17 at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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