Real and Chance Discuss Experiences on 'Real Chance of Love'
Real and Chance Discuss Experiences on 'Real Chance of Love'
It must have been some amorous childhood for Real and Chance of Real Chance of Love, but neither of them admits that they fought over girls as they grew up.  They've gained fame competing for the affections of Tiffany Pollard on I Love New York, and now they have things going for them being Stallionaires and all.  In a recent interview, the two share what's in store for them, regarding their music and the reality series. 

“Nah, we never competed for girls,” confessed Real.  “There was times that I found out [Chance] was sneaking around humping my girls on the bed but you know that's a whole 'nother story.” 

Now that they're half way into the season of Real Chance of Love, it's a wonder how they can still survive the remaining time.  Apparently, they think they've finally decided on which women they're inseparable from. 

“It's looking like it,” Chance said.  “It's very possible man.  I am a lover boy.  It's not too hard for me to love.”   He also mentioned the girl he called So Hood, regretting that he had to get rid of her.  Some of the candidates on the ranch just didn't stand out as much.  “God dammit. I miss So Hood." 

Let's not forget about Real.  He admits to feeling a deep connection with an older contestant named Milf.  Despite not being popular with the audiences, Milf has certainly captured the attention of Real.  “A lot of people think she looks like Sean Penn," he began.  “They're telling me a lot of people don't like her.  They think she's too old.  But it is what it is." 

Could this be a foretelling of Real's decision on the show?  Perhaps, but the brothers have other things on their minds.  Their music.  Even though VH1 might not get them the girls of their dreams, they still have The Stallionaires with their brother, Mike. 

Chance believes The Stallionaires will make it big, and that their reality series is “just another stepping stone to a career.”  Indeed, many major labels have approached them already.  They're already up for several record deals, but they haven't accepted any of them.  

“We're not so quick to take anybody's old deal,” Real said.  “We've been doing this too long man and we're gonna get what we're worth.” 

He added, “You gon' see The Stallionaires together until the end of our careers.  We perform together. We do music together.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: SOHH
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