Freckles and Ribbons Fly on 'Real Chance of Love 2'
Freckles and Ribbons Fly on 'Real Chance of Love 2'
Out of the twenty original contestants of Real Chance of Love 2, there are only sixteen left.  With the series having just premiered, the Stallionaires were all ready to weed out the girls they didn't think desirable, and it appears as though there were a lot.

Real and Chance, former contestants of I Love New York, continue their search for the right woman for each of them.  The first season of Real Chance of Love has obviously failed them.  Real didn't connect with any of the girls while Chance blew it with Cornfed.  Then again, it just gives them a chance to have yet another bunch of rabid fangirls screaming their heads off at the sight of them.

As usual, the premiere episode "Back in the Saddle" began with the ceremonial nickname-giving.  Things were going great if it wasn't for one girl who objected to being called either Sasquatch or Chewy, which is a reference to Star Wars' Chewbacca.  No wonder she didn't want that moniker.  Sometimes this tradition can really deflate someone's ego.

Anyway, she eventually gets the name Freckles and settles down after much begging.  There was also a bit of a tiff with another girl, Show Me, who couldn't seem to back down when threatened.  Or whenever she feels like it, which is usually the case.  We'll get to see more of her temper later.

When the infamous mixer commenced, Real and Chance began to find out more about the girls they'd spend so much time with.  Everyone else is cheering, as the Stallionaires reveal this season's twist: there will no longer be any Real and Chance chains at eliminations.

Soon, the two fellows find themselves impressed by the ladies - particularly Hot Wings and Pocahontas.  But while they're busy with that, tension escalates in another side of the party.  As expected, there's girl drama afoot.

Vegas, Baker and Show Me have an argument, which causes the tempestuous Show Me to attack Vegas.  The Stallionaires are forced to eliminate the two, one for punching and the other for provoking the punch.

"I'm here to get my love on.  Not my fight on," Chance exclaimed.

In the end, four girls have been eliminated, as if they were dragged away by wild horses.  There was Vegas and Baker, with the addition of the overly pretentious Freckles and the stalker-y Ribbons.

Even though we won't be seeing these four on Real Chance of Love 2 anymore, we'll remember one of them for calling every contestant on the series a "hot mess."  Thus, Freckles speaks the truth.  

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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