[Video] 'Ravenswood' Preview: More Ghosts in Town
[Video] 'Ravenswood' Preview: More Ghosts in Town
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Ravenswood has already taken a pretty shocking turn in the second episode. After being introduced to Miranda in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode and the Ravenswood pilot, she dies minutes into episode two. What!? 

Of course, the world of Ravenswood works a little differently than the world of Pretty Little Liars. As episode two came to a close, a ghostly Miranda visits Caleb from the other side.

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What does it mean? Will ghost Miranda continue haunting the other characters? Will Caleb being BFFs with a ghost ever get brought up in Pretty Little Liars? Will Caleb start walking around, talking to his "invisible friend" Miranda? Perhaps he'll take a little jaunt down to Radley like half the other characters on Liars

These are all big questions, but Ravenswood hasn't presented us with a lot of answers yet. Instead the show has excelled at packing in as many creepy moments as possible. And it looks like next week's episode, titled "Believe," will have more chills and scares to deliver. 

Check out the two clips from next week's brand new episode of Ravenswood below: 

What We Know Now: 
Olivia and Luke are doing more digging into their father's death and want to know more about a woman named Abby. It turns out Abby was their dad's high school girlfriend, who was trying to contact him and warn he was in danger because of his suspicions about the town. Of course, the twins immediately assume their dad was having an affair. The only catch? Abby has been dead for 20 years. Dun-dun-DUN!

What We Know Now: 

Not much. Dressed all in black, probably for Miranda's funeral, Olivia is crying in the bathroom. She drops something by a grate and it seems like someone (or something) might be watching her.

Not creepy enough for you? Then check out this trailer for next week's episode, where ghost Miranda tries to save the rest of the gang from ending up just like her:

What do you think? Are you loving Ravenswood so far? What's up with all the ghosts? Share your theories in the comments!

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