[Video] 'Ravenswood' Premiere Preview, Plus a Hanna Cameo?
[Video] 'Ravenswood' Premiere Preview, Plus a Hanna Cameo?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

If you've been counting down the days until the Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood premieres, than we've got a treat for you. ABC Family has released an extended preview of the new show, including some tidbits about what Caleb is going to get up to in the only town creepier than Rosewood.

And your town has to be pretty weird to beat the nation's creepy doll capital and number one paper mache mask exporter. 

Check out the preview below to find out what's in store for Caleb in Ravenswood: 

What We Know Now:

- Caleb saw a picture of himself on a tombstone, which is pretty weird. Maybe Caleb is really a sexy, non-sparkling vampire? 

- Miranda is another foster kid, whose only relative allowed her to be put into the system for some mysterious reason.

- Oh hey look, it's those disturbing blue eyes peering into your soul. Must be Mrs. Grunwald.

- Two super attractive siblings apparently have a mom with a bad (read: black widow) reputation. 

- Apparently all five of the major cast members are bound by a curse...one that kills 5 teens on the same day. So it's kind of like Final Destination

- If you're on a horror show never, ever take a bath. Bad things go down in the bath.

Hanna Comes A-Calling

So what about the love story between Hanna and Caleb? What will happen to our favorite two-some now that Caleb has his own show? Looks like Pretty Little Liars is taking a page out of the Buffy/Angel playbook. 

According to a tidbit in The Hollywood Reporter, Ashley Benson will make a stop by Ravenswood in the show's fifth episode. She'll be appearing on the phone with Caleb, so perhaps there's still hope for the couple yet. 

The spoiler tidbit only said that Hanna would be seen on the phone talking to Caleb, so we still don't know how closely linked the two shows will be moving forward. Of course, the girls from Rosewood have already taken several trips to Ravenswood this season and they'll be spending the majority of the upcoming Halloween special in the town, after which the first episode of Ravenswood will premiere. 

So perhaps there will be more overlap between the two shows, which is good news for fans of Hanna and Caleb hoping the two will be able to make long distance work. 

What do you think? Are you excited to see Ravenswood or too sad about the potential breakup of Hanna and Caleb? What do you think that curse is all about? Sound off in the comments! 

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