'Ravenswood' Recap: Olivia Asks Collins for Help
'Ravenswood' Recap: Olivia Asks Collins for Help
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Remy's stay at a sleep clinic helped her get in touch with the preacher-who-must-not-be-named who haunts her dreams. But when said preacher tried to keep her trapped in a dream state, Miranda had to go in and save her. Meanwhile, Springer told Olivia that everything he did to hurt her family, he did because Dillon made him. And Caleb tried to learn more about the town's history via a book on the subject, but the only copy he could find was in the possession of the high school's history teacher.

In this week's episode, "Along Came a Spider," Luke and Remy try to find proof of Dillon's shadiness, just as Dillon returns to town. And Caleb's first day of school gives Caleb and Miranda a lead on the pact that has seemingly sealed their fate. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.

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Collins Saves the Day

Luke and Olivia are having a nice morning with their mother at their father's grave. Mama Matheson explains that Collins gifted the family with a new headstone that will hold up to any attempts at vandalism. But their nice morning is interrupted, first by Luke spotting a creepy lady and then by the police, who are there to arrest Mama Matheson. The creepy lady looks on as Mama Matheson is taken into custody and a spider crawls its way out of her skin. Please tell me I am not the only one who is grossed out by that.

Luke and Olivia are having no luck coming up with bail money, but Collin is there, offering to help in any way he can. Collins spends some time with Mama Matheson while she waits for a bail hearing and they reminisce about the old days. Miranda watches their interaction and realizes that Collins may actually care about Mama Matheson. Miranda tells Olivia to let Collins help her mother and Olivia takes Miranda's advice. Collins gets Mama Matheson out of jail, albeit only for the time being.

The Spiders and the Chapel

It is Caleb's first day at the high school and he makes a less-than-stellar first impression when two of his female classmates catch him talking to no one. Caleb is actually talking to Miranda, but since very few people can see ghosts, Caleb looks a bit crazy. The girls tease him about it, but Miranda gets back at them by using her ghost powers to freak them out. I suppose that's one way to deal with bullies.

Caleb's first class is history with Mr. Price. After class, Price asks Caleb about his living arrangements and mentions that he has had strange dealings with Collins in the past. Apparently, there is a small chapel by the west entrance to the cemetary and Collins refuses to let anyone go near it. Price claims Collins threatened a lawsuit when he tried to take some pictures of the stained glass.

This raises Caleb's spooky-alarm, but Miranda says she has already been in the chapel and there is nothing weird about it. However, Caleb still wants in, so Miranda offers to watch Collins while Caleb looks for keys to the chapel. He manages to get said keys, but not without upsetting some of the spirits, which trap Caleb in the morgue and attack him with their ghost powers, but he manages to get away.

After the "incident" in the morgue, Caleb and Miranda head to the chapel. Before they enter, Miranda spots a huge spider on Caleb's arm and freaks out. Her hatred of spiders makes me like her even more. But forgetting the spider for a moment, Caleb and Miranda find some sort of hidden writing in the chapel -- writing that can only be seen when the sunlight hits the stained glass in a certain way.

The writing is a list of names, the family names of the six elders who signed the pact that created the curse. To their surprise, the names do not match up to the Cursed Five. In fact, only Caleb's family name appears on the list. While Miranda wonders why five kids are chosen to die if six people signed the pact, Caleb wonders why Dillon's family name is on the list. Alas, the sunlight shifts and the list disappears before they can learn anything more.

Later, the creepy spider lady spies on Caleb in the chapel. Who is she and what is her connection to the chapel? What do the spiders indicate and why did one land on Caleb? And if only Caleb's family name appears on the list, how did the other members of the Cursed Five get marked?

Dillon and Springer

Olivia's shady boyfriend finally returns to town and she questions him about what Springer told her. Dillon acts innocent and claims Springer is a lying liar who lies. Olivia believes him because she is young and in love, and she needs to believe that she did not trust the wrong person with her heart. Luke, on the other hand, is not so quick to trust Dillon. But Remy thinks they should talk to Springer again so they can learn more about his connection to Dillon.

Remy visits Springer in the hospital and offers him a deal. If he will tell her more about Dillon's involvement with the knife that landed Mama Matheson in jail, Remy will use her father's paper to change public opinion about his father's guilt. Springer agrees to the deal, and Remy goes behind her father's back to print an article suggesting that something went wrong with Springer's dad's trial. Needless to say, Remy's father is upset and fires her from the paper.

Will Springer hold up his end of the deal and tell Remy about Dillon? And why is he so quick to sell Dillon out?

What is Dillon's deal?

While Remy tries to get information about Dillon from Springer, Luke goes straight to the source. Luke confronts Dillon about his involvement in what is happening to the Matheson family. Dillon tries his innocent act again, but Luke is not falling for it. Eventually, Dillon tells Luke that he cannot hurt him because he has "backup" and because he found a way out of the pact.

Dillon says he made a deal with someone who accepted Olivia as a trade for letting him out of the pact and he thinks Luke should make a similar deal before it is too late. Before Luke can get Dillon to tell him who he made this deal with, Dillon disappears and Dillon's "backup" attacks Luke.

Luke comes home mostly unharmed and has to break the news to Olivia that her shady boyfriend sold her out to save himself. She does not want to believe him, but Luke says he got the truth straight from Dillon, who knew about the pact long before they did. Luke also thinks Collins is the one Dillon made that deal with, and he may be right, as Remy spots the two together later that night.

Given Collins' affection for Mama Matheson, it seems unlikely that he would make a deal to put Olivia on the list, so who did? All signs point to the preacher-who-must-not-be-named, especially since he is the "deal-maker," but how would Dillon get in touch with him? Did the preacher visit Dillon in his dreams, too? And why would the preacher, or whoever made the deal, be willing to take Olivia over Dillon?

What did you think of this week's episode? Was Collins meeting with Dillon to get him to dissolve his deal and free Olivia from the death list? Or were they discussing something else? Is Miranda the one Collins is trying to save? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
Ravenswood airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on ABC Family.

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