'Ravenswood' Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Beware of Creepy Preachers and Evil Spirits
'Ravenswood' Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Beware of Creepy Preachers and Evil Spirits
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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When we last left the Cursed Five, Caleb and the gang saved Miranda from a creepy little girl named Max, who turned out to be working with Olivia's shady boyfriend, Dillon. They also discovered the bodies of Thomas and Esther, two people who seemingly sacrificed themselves to bring Original Caleb and Original Miranda back from the dead in the hopes that they could break the curse. Meanwhile, the current versions of Caleb and Miranda discovered their potential soul-mate connection after Caleb had his own near-death experience and Remy sleep-walked all around the death-soaked town without getting murdered.

In this week's mid-season premiere, "Revival," Caleb struggles with his growing feelings for Miranda, Miranda gets close to Mrs. Grunwald in an attempt to get some answers and Remy's dreams give the group some insight into the pact that created the curse. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.

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Who is Abaddon?

In flashbacks, Original Caleb and Original Miranda end a night of canoodling by stumbling upon a meeting of the town elders. This is the very same night the town elders signed the pact that led to the curse. Through Esther's journal, the group learns that Esther and Thomas were both in attendance at this meeting. It turns out that Esther was Original Miranda's mother and Thomas was Original Caleb's father. But since Thomas and Esther had very differing opinions about the pact -- Thomas thought it was necessary to save lives, but Esther knew it was wrong to sacrifice some people to save others -- the Cursed Five wonder how they wound up dying together.

After spending three days in Rosewood -- days he spent not telling Hanna the truth but breaking up with her instead -- Caleb returns to Ravenswood and learns that someone was digging up Miranda's grave. Now Miranda is once again limited in her movements and cannot leave the grounds of the Collins' place. But Miranda's stay-at-home state takes a back-seat to what the group learns from reading Esther's journal.

Via Esther's journal, Caleb and the gang learn that the town preacher is the one who urged the other town elders to sign the pact, and when they say the man's name aloud -- Gabriel Abaddon -- Esther's journal bursts into flames. All they are able to recover from the charred remains is a piece of page 36, the page the elders apparently used to create the original pact. Caleb decides they need to look into Voldemo... -- I mean, the preacher-who-must-not-be-named -- in order to learn more about the pact and the curse.

Relationship Woes

In less creepy developments, Caleb and Miranda are still processing the connection they made during Caleb's brief time on the other side. Caleb tells Miranda that he did not fill Hanna in on the recent happenings in Ravenswood, including Miranda's untimely demise. He also says he ended things with Hanna because he does not want Hanna involved in the curse and he really does not want her to end up like Miranda. But Miranda is less worried about what might happen to Hanna than the fact that Hanna now probably assumes that Miranda stole Caleb from her. Because of this, Caleb and Miranda make little head-way in their would-be romance.

Meanwhile, Olivia is reconnecting with Dillon, whose true motives are still a mystery but who is still working with Max. When Dillon arranges to spend some alone-time with Olivia -- which may include their first time together -- Max tells him that if his plan fails, they will both be in big trouble. As Olivia and Dillon drive off together, Max sits in the back seat of Dillon's car, unbeknownst to Olivia. How is Dillon able to see Max and who is this boss they are both working for?

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Collins and Grunwald

Luke and Olivia are trying to deal with the craziness of the curse when they get another shock. They return home and find Creepy Collins in their house. Apparently, he brought flowers for their mother and she told him where to find the spare key. It is one thing to know Collins and their mom were friends before she married their dad, but it is another thing to see the guy in their house.

Olivia spends much of the episode worried about her mother's connection to Collins. She mentions her concern to Miranda and they come up with a way to get Mama Matheson to kick Collins to the curb. If they can find the jars of dead people hair Collins has collected, Olivia can show the jars to her mother as proof of Collins' creepiness. The jars may also help them learn more about the curse.

Miranda decides to haunt Mrs. Grunwald in the hopes of getting her to show them where the jars are. Miranda's first attempt at haunting fails to scare Grunwald, but it does alert Miranda to a strange presence around the woman. When Miranda makes a second attempt at haunting, the spirit returns again, but Grunwald manages to control it.

After Miranda leaves, Grunwald appears to communicate with the spirit, telling him or her that she loves them, too. Who is the spirit Grunwald is controlling/communicating with? Is it the reason she returned to Ravenswood? Is it why she is working with Collins again? And why did the spirit attack Miranda? Was it trying to protect Grunwald?

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Though Remy has stopped sleep-walking, her sleep is still disturbed thanks to vivid nightmares. When she tells her mother about her nightmares, Remy's mother offers to show her some tricks she learned to control her own bad dreams after the war. Remy's mother helps her fall asleep via these tricks and Remy begins to dream about the past.

In her dream, Remy arrives in the past, at the same location where the town elders signed the pact. But before she can figure out what is happening, she is attacked by some weird scarecrow thing. Using her mother's sleep tricks, Remy manages to control her dream and beat the scarecrow, but then the thing turns up in her room in the real world. Luckily, she wakes up before it can do any damage.

Remy fills Luke in on her nightmares and says she wants to try sleep-walking again. She believes she can find out more about the night the elders signed the pact, but she needs Luke to protect her while she's asleep. She makes him promise not to wake her until she is ready, and Luke eventually agrees. Now they just need a safe place to try the sleep experiment. They decide on using Caleb's place, presumably because it is parent-free.

With her friends watching over her, Remy lets herself fall into a deep sleep, and soon enough, she is up and sleep-walking. Caleb and Luke follow her -- as Miranda cannot travel and Olivia has left to be with Dillon -- as Remy walks out into the woods. She winds up in the same location where the town elders signed the pact in the past. While Remy dreams about that past meeting, Luke and Caleb break into the abandoned building where the pact-signing once took place.

In her dreams, Remy watches Thomas Rivers sign the pact. He clearly has doubts about doing so, but the preacher-who-must-not-be-named assures him that he has done the right thing. Remy watches the preacher hand off the signed pact to someone else -- someone connected to the Collins family -- and she notices that Original Caleb and Original Miranda also saw the pact-signing that night.

Back in the real world, the demonic scarecrow makes another appearance. Caleb and Luke fight the scarecrow and seemingly destroy it, at least for the time being. Oddly enough, the scarecrow is dressed a lot like the preacher-who-must-not-be-named. Is said preacher controlling the scarecrow? Or are they one and the same? Is the preacher a demon of some sort, as his name and his ability to shape-shift would suggest? And though Remy awakens from her dream-vision just fine, is it possible she was somehow seen by the preacher?
What did you think of this week's episode? Did you guess that Thomas and Esther were related to Original Caleb and Original Miranda? Will Olivia figure out that Dillon is using her before it's too late? And is there anyone is this town who is not creepy? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
Ravenswood airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on ABC Family.

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