'Ravenswood' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Welcome to the New Normal
'Ravenswood' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Welcome to the New Normal
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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We last left Miranda going toward the bright light with Mommy dearest. She finds that she wakes up in heaven, with her mother and father and a questionable and creepy child named Max.

Meanwhile, Caleb, his beanie and the gang are trying to put the pieces together about the curse thanks to the clues in Henry's box and Dylan adding grease to those wheels. Remy is still upset about Luke kissing Tess, and thanks to a cameo from Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars, we get a Haleb moment. All in all, everything is still creepy, confusing and hilarious as ever on Ravenswood.

"Is This Heaven?"

Miranda wakes up in a bed in a cozy home where her mother and father cook her pancakes and want her to be happy forever. She suspects that she is in heaven and is elated by her change in fate. In a hilarious moment, Miranda seems more excited by the new closet full of clothes rather than the fact that she is in, you know, heaven.

A creepy little girl pops out of the closet and her parents tell her that she was playing on their lawn and now they watch out for her. This is literally their reason for hanging out with the golden-haired child that turns its head around 180 degrees.

Caleb wakes up from this dream reality and worries for Miranda's fate. He tells the gang about it while they sift through the box that Henry provided Caleb last week. Within the box, they find pictures, letters and other clues about the original Caleb and Miranda, as well as the curse. They discuss their game plan and Olivia agrees to take the box, while Caleb has to go work with Collins.

"I Don't Know What Normal is Anymore"

Luke tries to reconcile with Remy after kissing a girl named Tess (#LukeLovesRemy), and she is furious as ever so it is not happening. Luke is bummed, but in a modern take on the situation, the Ravenswood writers have him own up to his own mistake without blaming, shaming or otherwise skirting fault. This is pretty innovative for teen shows, of which I watch several. He is able to admit that he is upset and wants things to go back to normal. Olivia suggests that because they don't even know what that means anymore, he figure out how to accept their current cursed situation.

Dylan, aka Modern Dawson Leery, shows up to see Olivia because he misses her and is jealous of Caleb, or something. He looks through the box of Henry's things and something seems fishy to me. Even though he is Olivia's boyfriend, it seems weird that all the sudden he's willing to help her figure out some of this stuff. He reveals to her that what they thought was a map was actually a blueprint. Thanks, Dawson.

Pretty Little Sleepers

Caleb gets a call from his girlfriend, Hanna, in the first official Pretty Little Liars crossover, who says she misses him and is planning to come up to Ravenswood to see him (#MissingHanna, #Haleb). He promises that he will visit Rosewood that weekend instead, presumably to protect her from all the chaos. 

He goes to sleep after their chat and a super creepy something appears next to his sleeping face, and I legitimately screamed out loud and had to take a moment to collect myself. He is immersed in his dream and attempts to get Miranda out of the house that he suspects isn't heaven but a trap by the curse to keep her from the gang. She refuses to believe him or leave through the closet door.

Remy wakes up after sleepwalking to the basement of the coffee shop, her hand bleeding since she broke the window to get in. She believes she was lead there by something and calls the gang to meet her. Olivia points out that this said basement is likely the one on the not-map-but-blueprint paper they found in the box (it all comes together so well) and they start hacking at a brick wall thinking it will render something important. That detail is lost on me, but Luke does admit that he has accepted that this is their new normal and everyone is proud of him.

More Questions Than Answers

They break through the wall to find the very dead skeletons of two children, who they deduce were trying to bring the original Caleb and Miranda back from the dead to break the curse. They realize that the letters they have found were not letters but wedding vows and that the originals likely died on their wedding day at sea since all of the documents were conveniently located in this weird brick room in the basement of a coffee shop. This show. The flashbacks to the Victorian Doppelgangers are great, though.

Meanwhile, Creepy Collins is digging up the body of Miranda again to get a piece of her hair to keep in a jar in a box in his office. It is so creepy and it is still so unclear if he is for them or against them.

Welcome to Hell

In the end, the gang is lured to the house that is the stand-in for Miranda's heaven, and they are bombarded with the creepy little girl luring them to Hell. Literally, this is what she says. They convince Miranda that she is not in heaven, and Caleb falls out a window to his death. Again, literally. He exists in a suspended limbo with Miranda, where they are able to touch and it is sweet and even hints at some ghostly chemistry, but she encourages him to go back to his body because now is not the time for him to be dead. He lives and wakes up in the hospital.

Finally, Dylan, aka Dawson, stalks around the hospital to chat with the creepy little girl devil and reprimands her for doing such a terrible job at killing them since they had planned it so well and that their boss is not going to be happy. Twist! Fade to black.

Ravenswood returns January 7 on ABC Family with all new scares, twists and hopefully some answers!

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