'Ravenswood' Interview: Brett Dier Talks Luke-Caleb Bromance, Luke-Remy Romance and What To Expect in the Next Five Episodes
'Ravenswood' Interview: Brett Dier Talks Luke-Caleb Bromance, Luke-Remy Romance and What To Expect in the Next Five Episodes
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When Ravenswood last left off, it was revealed that little girl Max and Olivia's boyfriend Dillon are working together to get "the five" killed. But fans can expect more mysteries to unfold when the series returns tonight. According to cast  member Brett Dier, who plays Luke, so much stuff happens in the next five episodes that the gang is pretty much on high alert. 

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for upcoming episodes of Ravenswood.

In tonight's episode entitled "Revival," Luke and Olivia are alarmed by Collins' attention towards their mother while Olivia makes a huge decision about her relationship with Dillon. Dier revealed, "Luke and Caleb actually do team up to do some mystery hunting, so that's where you see [the bromance] blossoming a little bit.  I'm excited to be able to see that."

As for what happens within the next four episodes, Dier hints that his character Luke will become more visible as he gets in hot water and develops a friendship with Caleb. "Luke also gets in some trouble with the law, he gets to go in the back of a cop car.  He's definitely more involved than in the first half of the season, where he was to himself and didn't believe in anything. He's definitely doing some investigating by himself, with Remy and with his sister. There's even a cool  couple of scenes with Luke and Caleb now, so there's some bromance going on," he said.

"You pretty much find out a lot of the questions that people have, like who made the curse, you find that out. You find out a lot of things," he added.

Morever, the relationship between  Luke and Olivia's mom and Mr. Collins will be explored. 

"There's definitely some of that and it makes Luke extremely angry, so you'll see some of that too," he explained.

Meanwhile, there seems to be hope for Luke's relationship with Remy even after he confessed about his kiss with Tess.

"They are definitely figuring things out and they are a lot better than how they were.  There's still obviously a little bit of issues but they are working things out," Dier said. "Remy deals with some dream sequences... which is really cool.  Luke's definitely there for her for that, so I think that bonds them a lot closer. "

In case you missed it, here's the promo for the winter premiere of Ravenswood:

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