'Ravenswood': 8 Burning Questions from the Winter Finale
'Ravenswood': 8 Burning Questions from the Winter Finale
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Though Ravenswood's winter finale gave us answers to some of the first season's biggest mysteries -- we learned who killed Papa Matheson and why death only came for the Cursed Five when they were together -- we are still left with plenty to ponder until the shows probable return. Here are the major questions I will be asking myself while I not-so-patiently wait for news on Ravenswood's future.

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1. How Did Luke, Remy and Miranda Get On the List?

Caleb and Miranda found a list of the family names of each man who signed the original pact. Yet only Caleb's family name was on the list. We know Olivia became part of the curse because Dillon traded her to save himself. So how did the others wind up as this generation's Cursed Five? Who made a deal to put Luke on the list? Is Remy on the list because she saw Abaddon as a child or because her mother was saved in the war? And how did Miranda, whose family has been taking care of the children of the pact for years, wind up as one the Cursed?

Abaddon, as the deal-maker, made the deal to let Dillon go in exchange for Olivia. Why would Abaddon want her over Dillon? Is it because Papa Matheson tried to end the curse? Is that also why Luke wound up on the list? Perhaps the curse gets passed on through families and these Five's families were put on the list years ago. Maybe someone in a previous generation made the deal Dillon made to put one of Remy's ancestors on the list and the curse was passed on to Remy. If so, that would mean that Dillon was the first person in his family to make the deal and that none of Caleb's relatives agreed to trade someone or something else to save themselves.

2. What is the Deal with Tess?

Springer was not the only one working with Dillon. Olivia's best friend, Tess, was also up to no good. Dillon killed Papa Matheson and set up Mama Matheson to save himself and Springer wanted revenge for what happened to his father. But why was Tess working with them? If she knew Dillon killed Olivia's father, was she blackmailing Dillon? Or did she also make a deal to get free of the curse? If so, who or what did she trade to be safe?

Olivia is still in the dark about Tess' involvement with Dillon. Will she ever find out the truth? Will Springer reveal Tess' involvement or will Tess get to him before he can talk? And was revenge the only reason Springer was working with Dillon? Was Springer also on the Cursed list and did he make his own deal to get out it?

3. Is Dillon Really Gone?

Though Dillon bit the dust in the finale, "My Haunted Heart," Ravenswood is a hot-bed of ghost activity. Will Dillon stick around to haunt the Cursed Five? Since Olivia never got to confront her ex for killing her father, Dillon's return would be satisfying for that reason alone. And since Dillon was working for Abaddon, he might have information the Cursed Five need to defeat Abaddon and break the curse. But after what Dillon did to Papa Matheson and tried to do to them, would the Cursed Five be able to work with him?

4. How Will Luke and Olivia Deal with Seeing Their Father's Murder?

One of the most emotional moments from "My Haunted Heart" was the scene where Luke and Olivia watched Dillon kill their father. Though they must be relieved to finally know the truth about their father's death, watching someone you love die is an extremely traumatic experience. How will Luke and Olivia deal with that trauma? And since Dillon died before he could be brought to justice for the crime, will Luke and Olivia be able to find the closure they need to move on from their father's death?

Luke called the cops and told them to look at the crime scene again, but will the cops follow the evidence and conclude that Dillon, not Mama Matheson, was the killer? If Mama Matheson is cleared of all charges and the town learns that Dillon was the killer, I imagine will Mama Matheson be getting a lot of "Sorry We Thought You Murdered Your Husband" flowers. Hopefully this means that Luke and Olivia will stop getting harassed by their peers.

5. Who or What is Max?

The creepy child tricked Miranda into thinking she had reunited with her deceased parents and led Dillon to his death, but what exactly is she? Now that we know Abaddon can take different forms and given that one of those forms was the creepy spider lady, seen only moments after Max disappeared, is Max another one of Abaddon's forms? If so, that must mean that Abaddon can be in two places at once, as he was in the chapel with the Cursed Five at the same time that Max was leading Dillon to his death.

But if creepy Max isn't Abaddon, is she another demon? Could she be a form of death, since she was responsible for Dillon's and spent most of the season trying to manuver the Cursed Five into Abaddon's orbit?

6. Why are Caleb and Miranda So Important?

During season one's winter finale, Collins brought Original Caleb back and said he believed that Caleb and Miranda together were stronger than Abaddon. And earlier in the season, we learned that Original Caleb and Original Miranda were thought to be the only ones who could break the curse. If this is the case, what makes Caleb and Miranda so powerful?

We know Original Caleb and Original Miranda were there on the night the pact was created, but did that give them powers of some sort? Or are we supposed to believe that their love is all the power they need to defeat the curse? Now that Original Caleb has returned, is he the one to help our Miranda break the curse or is our Caleb the one she needs by her side?

7. Who Will Miranda Choose?

Our favorite ghost spent the first 10 episodes of the series getting close to Caleb, her possible soul-mate and actual best friend. But in Ravenswood's winter finale, Original Caleb returned in ghost form and had a nice little moment with Miranda. Given that Miranda can touch Original Caleb, the choice seems easy, right? After all, how different could the Calebs be? Yet, it's hard to believe that Miranda could so easily transfer her feelings for our Caleb onto the original, even if they do have the same face.

And what about Original Miranda? Does Collins still have her jar? Could she be brought back from the beyond, as well? And wouldn't Original Caleb eventually realize that our Miranda is not Original Miranda? Or are we meant to believe they are the same person?

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8. How Will Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars Handle the Caleb/Hanna Romance?

Assuming Ravenswood gets renewed, Caleb and Hanna will once again be on two different shows. Though there should be plenty of opportunities for cross-overs, how will both shows deal with a crossover couple? If Hanna and Caleb reunite, how will they explain the goings-on in Ravenswood to the people in Rosewood? And how will Caleb be able to explain staying in Ravenswood given everything that is happening to Hanna and the other Liars? Hanna told Caleb that she would keep his ghost-talk to herself, but will she be able to keep her word? Surely Hanna could use the girls' help to process everything Caleb told her and though the girls are known for keeping secrets, those secrets have a way of coming out eventually.

I, for one, would love to see some of this supernatural spookiness pop up on Pretty Little Liars. And after dealing with 'A' for years, Hanna and the Liars would be a great help to Caleb and his new friends. Plus, it would be great to see some of these characters interact. Emily and Remy could talk about what it's like to be the ones in their respective groups with the best hair, especially when Hanna and Caleb are constantly trying to de-throne them in that department. Ashley and Rochelle could bond over what it's like to be accused of a murder you did not commit. And Collins could give every would-be creeper in Rosewood tips on how to project a creepy persona. Tip number one: Get into the funeral business. Nothing says creepy quite like someone who makes a living by dealing with dead bodies.

What questions will drive you crazy until the show returns? What were your favorite moments from "My Haunted Heart" or from the first 10 episodes in general? What kind of PLL crossovers would you like to see?

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