Randy Jackson Back in as 'American Idol' Judge, Enrique Iglesias Out
Randy Jackson Back in as 'American Idol' Judge, Enrique Iglesias Out
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Randy Jackson is like a boomerang. Just when you think he's out, he comes swinging back in. We learned in the past couple weeks that Randy Jackson would be moving into a mentor position on American Idol, and that Enrique Iglesias received an offer to fill the fourth and final spot at the judges table.

But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the executives making the decisions behind the scenes have upended everything by rescinding their offer to the Latin singer and instead will be returning the sole original judge back to the seat he's called home for the past 11 seasons. "Producers FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment are said to have abandoned that scenario in favor of returning Jackson to the judges panel. It's not clear what derailed the Iglesias plan, though money always is an issue with talent show judges."

Deadline clarifies the situation by saying that "The network already had an option on Jackson, so the deal-making was relatively straightforward and was wrapped quickly after talks with Enrique Iglesias broke off." According to their source, the paycheck may not have been the overwhelming sticking point during negotiations. But yet other reports suggest that talks never progressed too far, since Iglesias wanted an eight-figure salary, thus the last minute switch to reinstate Jackson. Who knows -- maybe new judge Mariah Carey had a hand in making sure her manager was still on board.

On a related note, former Idol judge Simon Cowell, whose X Factor premieres this Wednesday night, tweeted, "Just heard randy is back on idol. Right decision."

After weeks of rumors and new reports left and right, the big question is, when will FOX make the official announcement on the entire panel? Contract negotiations for Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are wrapping up, which means that FOX will finally announce the season 12 judges (Carey, Minaj, Urban and Jackson) by the end of this week.

What do you make of this news? Are you glad Randy Jackson is staying on as a judge (and thus keeping some familiarity at the table), or should Enrique Iglesias or someone else have taken that final spot?

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