Raising the Bar: Preview of Season 2 Premiere
Raising the Bar: Preview of Season 2 Premiere
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
With Raising the Bar's return tonight, there's one thing that a lot of critics are talking about - Mark-Paul Gosselaar's new haircut.  The Saved by the Bell and much later NYPD Blue star is chopping the locks to appease a condescending potential juror on the sophomore season premiere (yes, it's within the plot).  Asked about the change, Gosselaar tells E! Online that it may represent a change in Jerry Kellerman, the character he plays on the TNT legal series.

"He's going through the voir dire process [of screening jury members].  A potential juror doesn't think he can trust Jerry because of his appearance.  So Jerry takes that element right off by cutting his hair.  It's showing that he's being a bit more tactful and maturing.  I think last season he would have just blown that guy out of the water. He would have stepped right on his soapbox and told him, 'How dare you call me a dirty hippie?!'"

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On the episode called "Hair Apparent," Jerry celebrates his birthday with his friends, who decide to take the opportunity to take a few playful shots at him and his hair.  He was very persistent, however, in keeping the 'do until the said incident happened.  As for the case in question, it sounds like a good one:  He represents an HIV-positive man who spit in a cop's face and is charged with attempted murder.  And this is where the haircut happened.

As for the other things on Raising the Bar, fans of his tandem with Michelle (Melissa Sagemiller) should be happy come episode 6, as Gosselaar hints there are "little sprinklings of progress" which may culminate on a kiss.

Catch Raising the Bar tonight 10pm on TNT.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TNT, E! Online
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