Buddy Bites: Jason Lee on 'Raising Hope,' 'BB12' Stars Get 'Bold,' More Twitter TV
Buddy Bites: Jason Lee on 'Raising Hope,' 'BB12' Stars Get 'Bold,' More Twitter TV
Looking for some tasty TV news in 300 words or less? Here you go -- now in available in bite-size!

My Name is Earl Raises Hope

Jason Lee, currently starring on TNT's Memphis Beat, is set to guest star on FOX's Raising Hope as Smokey Daniels, a has-been rock star hired as the headliner for "Grocery-Palooza." In the episode, "Burt Rocks," Burt will play backup for Smokey, one of his musical idols. And as an awesome little tie-in, creator of Raising Hope, Greg Garcia, also created Lee's former show My Name is Earl. Even more awesome tie-in: Did you catch the My Name is Earl reference in the Raising Hope premiere? A newscaster mentioned a "small-time criminal who completed his list of amendments." So subtle, so brilliant -- which is why we're stoked that Hope's been picked up for a full season. [Zap2It]

BB12's Rachel and Brendan Go from Big to Bold

The less-than-loveable redhead Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 has gone from Las Vegas cocktail waitress to reality TV baddie to soap opera actress? Yep, Rachel has landed a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful, where she'll play a waitress (quite the stretch) at Bikini Beach. So how does her showmance partner in crime Brendon Villegas feel about this? We're guessing pretty good since he'll also be on the show, playing a bartender. The duo's episodes first air Oct. 25-26. [TV Guide

Twitter + TV = Comedy Gold?

CBS, not satisfied with churning out just one crappy comedy based on a Twitter account -- exhibit A: $#*! My Dad Says -- has bought an idea for a series from Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Prods. and the Schiff Co. based on the blog and Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me, which essentially covers the ditzy shenanigans of the writer's upstairs neighbors. 

Here's a sampling of the goods from the guy's Twitter feed:

"He said he was Spanish but not a Mexican. What the hell, that doesn't even make sense!" It does to the entire country of Spain.  

"Aww, I felt so bad, this homeless-looking bearded guy on Fairfax actually thought it was New Year's." Happy Rosh Hashanah, ladies. 

"I want a guy who's gonna meet me half way, like the Black Eyed Peas song." I want a girl who doesn't quote the Black Eyed Peas.  

Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and David Schiff will executive produce the project. [Hollywood Reporter]

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