'Dancing with the Stars' Videos: Meet the Season 13 Cast
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We have already been introduced to the cast of Dancing with the Stars season 13. But that doesn't mean we know anything at all about the celebrities who will be taking to the dance floor. Which are the fiercest competitors? Which have charisma? Which are kind of dull? Who do we already love? Who are we certain to hate?

You can't get that from photos and news stories. But fortunately, there are now videos from ABC, showing each of the 12 season 13 DWTS competitors talking about themselves. Keep reading to check it out.

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First up, Chaz Bono

Initial Response?
I'm just going to hope that the deadpan monotone is a joke. If not, Chaz Bono might be a little dull.

Nancy Grace

Initial Response?
Nancy Grace looks... tired? I guess she's practicing a lot. Could Tristan be better than Maks? Is it a cute-dancer competition? If so, yay!

Ricki Lake

Initial Response?
Nice shout-out to Derek, but a pledge of fitness isn't the most interesting introduction to a celebrity.

Rob Kardashian

Initial Response?
"Help me help you?" Huh?

David Arquette

Initial Response?
It's always nice when someone can make you giggle a little when he's talking to himself. But I had forgotten about David Arquette's awkward jerkiness until now. That should make for some interesting dancing...

Hope Solo

Initial Response?
Hope is certainly no performer. But she's pretty. And she seems sweet. If the soccer player can provide more personality, she could be fun.

Carson Kressley

Initial Response?
Personality goes a long way. And Carson Kressley has plenty. He could be a lot of fun.

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy

Initial Response?
Attractive people. Lots of smiles. But wow, those are serious accents going on!

J.R. Martinez

Initial Response?
Based on his 30 seconds of video, J.R. Martinez is easily one of the most engaging of the celebrities. If that combines with good dancing, he could be a threat.

Chynna Phillips

Initial Response?
Genuine excitement over the dancing is a good thing. Knowledge of blisters, less good.

Ron Artest

Initial Response?
"I have on a pink tie. I think it's lollipop-flavored." "This is different from basketball." "Y'all going to laugh at me." If Ron Artest just keeps talking, it will be a great season.

Kristin Cavallari

Initial Response?
She seems nice enough. But I don't care as much about the hair and makeup as Kristin apparently does.

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Which star is your favorite among the cast of DWTS' season 13? Who do you like? Hate? Find boring? Let us know in the comments section below!

(Image and videos courtesy of ABC)

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