'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: A Farewell to Carson and Laughter
'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: A Farewell to Carson and Laughter
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Is this where the laughter stops on Dancing with the Stars? Despite a roster of mildly entertaining celebrities remaining on the show, it's hard to imagine quite as much DWTS fun without the presence of week 5's eliminated competitor, Carson Kressley.

It's not like Carson's elimination was all that much of a shock. His Monday-night score was the lowest for the remaining dancers -- and this was the second week in a row for that. Trailing behind the competition in such a way meant that Carson Kressley would need ridiculous amounts of voter support to stick around.

Why didn't he get it?

Enough of the Funny Guy!
NOTE: The above title is not my own sentiment. Far from it.

While DWTS audiences seem to enjoy comedic personas on their show, that enjoyment has strict limits. Those dancers who are funny but who lack serious dancing skills usually only make it through a week or two. Then they leave.

Why does this happen? My guess is that the viewers who watch for pure entertainment get overtaken by those who watch for dancing skills and/or personal causes at a certain point. No one who watches Dancing with the Stars as a pure dance competition would vote for Carson Kressley. And those who want entertainment as well either lost interest or spread their votes too thin.

Carson made it through to week 5. Considering his ratio of funny to dance, that's probably an impressive achievement.

He's Not the Cause
On many seasons of Dancing with the Stars, there's one (or more) celebrity who outstays his or her welcome. This would be the "cause" dancer. It could be any cause, from any subset of the viewing population. In season 11, it was Bristol Palin. In season 13, it's Chaz Bono.

Carson Kressley, however, isn't anyone's cause.

Sure, the man probably has some support from the LGBT community that rallied so strongly for Chaz at the beginning of the season. But Carson hasn't been the focal point of any movements. Unless there's a cache of rabid Queer Eye fans out there, putting out their best efforts to keep Carson Kressley around, he would have to depend on the casual fan and voter for support.

At this point in the competition, casual support isn't enough. Which brings us to the final, most important reason...

Someone Had to Go
Sure, you could argue that the "someone" most deserving of elimination was not Carson Kressley. I might not even disagree with you. But someone did need to leave in week 5, and there was no easy choice.

The overall pick, in terms of full-season performance, would have been Chaz. The not-improving choice might have been Nancy. My personal pick, based on this week's performances, would have been Hope.

But they all beat out Carson when it came to judges' points. Thus, alas, Carson Kressley was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars season 13 in week 5. At least we got to laugh for this long.

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Who was your pick to go home in week 5? Did you want Carson to stay? Why did he get eliminated? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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