'Quantico' Teaser: Veterans Reunite for 'Illegal' Terrorist Takedown
'Quantico' Teaser: Veterans Reunite for 'Illegal' Terrorist Takedown
Char  Little
Char Little
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Finding out who was behind the terrorist attack was just the beginning of the end for the sophomore season of Quantico on ABC. When the most recent episode revealed that it was Lydia, viewers discovered Alex Parrish and the rest of the agents only scratched the surface of what was really going on. Now, they've been asked to fight a secret war in hopes of preventing any more terrorist activity. We have a look at what you can expect when the show returns Monday night in the episode called "LNWILT."

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None other than President Claire Haas calls in Quantico veterans Alex, Ryan Booth, Shelby Wyatt, Nimah Amin, and newbie Dayana Mampasi to brief them on who they'll really be fighting. I have to say it was kind of like a flashback to season 1. Claire admits she doesn't know exactly what the terrorist group is planning, but she also points out the United States was the only "country that got out."

CIA Director Matthew Keyes steps in and explains that the secretive group has been getting intelligence about the U.S. for the last two years. The information they found was accessed just days ago and the latest possible attack was as recent as that morning. Claire lets them know their job is to find out who is behind all of it.

"It's illegal," she said of the process. "...and sanctioned only by me because we don't know how far this group has infiltrated our own government. I'm putting my presidency on the line."

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She then reveals that her son, Clay Haas, will be in charge. They've been ordered to listen and learn from him. This is bound to get interesting, especially considering Shelby is involved.

What do you think about Claire calling on the crew to take down the terrorists? Do you think Caleb should be in charge? Do you think they stand a chance?

Quantico returns to ABC Monday, March 20 at 10/9c. Want more news? Like our Quantico Facebook page!

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