Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious: Episode 8 "Public Image" Recap
Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious: Episode 8 "Public Image" Recap
Last week on Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, the girls had to prove that they had star quality while gyrating in a music video on a swanky yacht.  Robin Antin decided to send Carrie home for being too vocally gifted for the competition.  You see, having strong rocker vocals would make her stand out among the other girls, and we can't have anyone standing out in Girlicious.  They must blend together like a delicious smoothie.  A smoothie that can look great in stripper clothes.

On tonight's episode, Mark McGrath tests the five remaining girls on their ability to convincingly lie to the press.  Who is going to leave the studio without a pink feather boa tonight?

In case you're wondering, Natalie and Chrystina still hate Charlye and Tiffanie.  After getting back from elimination, Nat and Chrys hide in their room, leaving the other girls to run frantically around the loft.  Is there any way these girls will be able to tolerate each other if they win the competition?  I look forward to the "Girlicious Breaks Up" headlines one week after the show ends.

Natalie and Chrystina are excited that this week's competition is all about public image.  That's not surprising, since we all remember that Natalie thinks that being beautiful is a talent.  Robin tells them that they'll all be performing together this week.  They'll be singing "How Many Times, How Many Lies" and "Buttons," both by The Pussycat Dolls.

Choreographer Mikey Minden is playing the diva drill sergeant this week.  Chrystina is mangling the dance steps, and if she doesn't step it up she could be going home.  Kenn Hicks also causes a bit of drama for Chrystina, telling her that she has to harmonize with Tiffanie during one of the performances.  They only have one day to learn all of this, so they'll have to put away the claws and save the catfighting for another day.

It's time for the girls to be tested on their public personas.  They have to talk to a local radio station, and of course the first thing the DJ asks is whether they all get along.  Tiffanie pipes up and makes it sound like they'll happily work together for the joy of being in Girlicious.  He then asks them to sing a cappella, and while most of the girls do a good job, Chrystina fumbles the words.

Next up is an interview with Extra host Mark McGrath.  His first question is, "What does Girlicious mean to you?"  To me, Girlicious means booty shorts, average singing voices, bathing with your friends, and a creator who is addicted to Botox.  To the girls it means self-confidence, girl power, and all that other stuff the Spice Girls taught us about in the late '90s.  Chrystina rambles on like a hyperactive teen while trying to explain this simple concept.

In case things weren't tense enough, they now have to read a teleprompter and practice co-hosting with Mr. Sugar Ray himself.  All of the girls do surprisingly well in this challenge, leaving me without anything to snark upon.  The winner of the public image competition is Natalie, who will have her Extra promo shown all across the country.

The girls have a pow-wow and decide that they're all going to get along from that point on.  However, Charlye isn't down with that idea.  She has no desire to bond with people if she doesn't click with them.  Nichole tries to talk her out of it, but really, who pays attention to Nichole?  I'm halfway through this recap and she still hasn't done anything interesting.

Chrystina is planning to explode on stage tonight, so I hope everyone brought a change of clothes.  The first performance is "How Many Times, How Many Lies," which sounds like the type of song you'd hear in a strip club at happy hour.  Not that I'd know anything about the music selections of such establishments.  The girls do a good job of selling the song, and it appears that Lil' Kim's weave approves.

Alright, it's time for the girls to pop their "Buttons."  I don't like this performance quite as much, but that could be because I know what the real song sounds like.  The wannabe Girlicious members don't quite compare, but Lil' Kim's gargantuan weave bobs along, so the birds that live in there must like it.

The judges think that the girls hit it out of the park tonight.  Natalie was excellent, Tiffanie did well on the first number, and Chrystina finally stepped up her game.  Nichole did a decent job, but the judges feel that she's still holding something back in her performances.  Charlye was sultry and had a good vibe, but Robin is worried that she won't mesh well with the rest of the group.  Remember, they have to be a smoothie!

Charlye and Chrystina are the bottom two tonight.  The person who will be going home is. . .nobody! Everyone gets to move on to the big finale next week.  How's that for a happy ending?  Feather boas for everybody!

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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