'Pushing Daisies' Writing Duo Working on Werewolf Drama
'Pushing Daisies' Writing Duo Working on Werewolf Drama
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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With the cancellation of the ABC series Pushing Daisies, series creator Bryan Fuller has signed a seven-figure, 2-year deal with Universal Media Studios, enabling him to rejoin the writing staff of the hit NBC series Heroes, while Pushing Daisies cast member Kristin Chenoweth has already been tapped to co-star in David E. Kelley's new NBC series entitled Legally Mad.  Most recently, it has been announced that Pushing Daisies' writing duo Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts have come on board to supervise FOX's latest project called Bitches.

Think Sex and the City but a little more hairy.  That's FOX's new project about a four women in New York who turn into wolves at every full moon.  The Hollywood Reporter
calls the script "a quirky urban fairy tale."

2009 is shaping up to be a big year for werewolves with the release of The Wolfman, the Benicio del Toro-starring horror remake of the 1941 classic film of the same name, and the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Bitches, which has received a script plus penalty commitment from FOX, comes from feature writer Michael Dougherty and Warner Bros. TV.  This continues the werewolf theme from Dougherty's recent horror flick Trick 'r Treat.

"The idea [for the show] started years ago, this is my first dabbling with it and with the TV series," Dougherty told shocktillyoudrop.com.  "I want to continue the tongue-in-cheek feel.  If you're a werewolf, it should just be another aspect of yourself you're trying to deal with.  You do want to explore those parallels of being a werewolf and human sexuality. How can you date and fall in love with someone when you're a werewolf and you start to turn when you're aroused?"

Dougherty's other writing credits include Superman Returns, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, Season's Greetings, Charlie Chan and X-Men 2.  Berg and Harberts, on the other hand, have also worked on Women's Murder Club, Pepper Dennis, Wonderfalls and Roswell.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, shocktillyoudrop.com
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