Pushing Daisies: Preview of Episode 2.10 "The Norwegians"
Pushing Daisies: Preview of Episode 2.10 "The Norwegians"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Tonight's Pushing Daisies marks the chapter in which Ned, Chuck and Emerson meet their match with a team of detectives in episode called “The Norwegians.”  Joining the main ensemble this week are Orlando Jones (The Adventures of Chico and Guapo, Everybody Hates Chris) as Magnus Olsdatter, Michael Weaver (Notes from the Underbelly, The Mullets) as Nils, and Ivana Milicevic (12 Miles of Bad Road, Fallen) as Hedda.

Read on for a preview of tonight's Pushing Daisies.

The 10th episode of Pushing Daisies' final season follows Vivian (Ellen Greene) as she seeks the help of another private investigator after Emerson turns down her request to look into the sudden disappearance of Dwight Dixon (Stephen Root).  But as it turns out, the PI team is lead by Emerson's (Chi McBride) bitter rival, Magnus Olsdatter.  Things get really complicated as Magnus and his cohorts, who are relentless Norwegian gumshoes ejected from their own country, start snooping around because this may eventually lead them to Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck's (Anna Friel) secrets.  Meanwhile, Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) proves to be a force of nature when she protects her daughter against truly evil forces.

Don't forget to catch “The Norwegians” tonight at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

Meanwhile, fans will be pleased to know that Pushing Daisies might just leave everyone a little more satisfied when the show concludes its run next year.  According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, the last episode of the series will no longer leave viewers with a cliffhanger because “through the magic of post-production, Bryan Fuller and his team managed to tack on a completely new beginning and ending to the episode.”

“We're doing a lot of work in post to shape it so that it is satisfying for the audience," series creator Bryan Fuller said.

This isn't to say that fans won't be left wanting more, but at least things will definitely be a little more tied up.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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