Pushing Daisies: Episode 2.4 "Frescorts" Recap
Pushing Daisies: Episode 2.4 "Frescorts" Recap
Would you like to meet Emerson Cod's mother?  I suspect that if you're a fan of Pushing Daisies, your answer to the previous query will be “Yes.”  The mother of Emerson Cod is a Private Investigator, just like her son, but more hard-boiled.  After tonight's episode, I demand a spin-off featuring Calista Cod and her work as a PI in the modern world.  Smoking her cigar in the booth at the Pie Hole, you understood Pushing Daisies' Emerson Cod that much more.  His history shows up in his mother, and tonight's episode revolved around the relationship between the two as much as it did around the night's case.  Another solid episode of Pushing Daisies.  Please - get your friends to watch this show.

Hey, it's Baby Emerson.  He has a white mom, Calista Cod.  She's also a Private Investigator.  They were a team: Cod and Cod.  The two made a vow to never let anything come between them.  In present day, an old broad smokes a cigar in the Pie Hole.  It's Calista Cod.  Emerson enters the Pie Hole and is excited to find her.  They get along remarkably well.  Meanwhile, Chuck and Olive are new best friends.  Ned is not happy about this.  Chuck and Olive are now roommates. 

Emerson has never told his mom about his daughter, or about his pop-up book.  Also, she knitted Emerson a holster, which is adorable.  A woman named Veronica Villanueva walks in, claiming an unsolved murder.  Her best friend Joe.  They take her money.  Earlier that day, a dentist named Eugene paid Emerson to investigate the murder of his best friend Joe.  It's the same Joe.

Ned wakes Joe up.  He was getting ready to play ball, until he was stabbed.  He's already been filled with formaldehyde.  The killer tried to stitch up the stab wounds.  Joe had a real best friend named Downey.  Emerson and his mother decide to interrogate both of Joe's supposed best friends at once.  It turns out that Joe was a Frescort, aka a friend for hire.  Eugene and Veronica both used My Best Friend Inc., where Joe was assigned to be their pretend friend. Emerson and Ned meet with the CEO of the company, Buddy Abacus.  Joe was the best performer in the company.  The CEO wanted everyone to have a friend.  Joe had no appointments the night he died.  Chuck and Olive go undercover to become Frescorts.  They go into training. 

Emerson and Ned discuss Emerson's mother outside of an apartment.  They jimmy the lock and are met by a model eye.  It's owned by Randy, played by David Arquette, who was Joe's roommate.  Emerson wants to inspect the place, but Randy stops him.  He says they can come back any time, however. 

Everyone has a palaver.  Randy shows up, taking the bait for a cooking class with Ned.  Chuck and Olive head to Frescort training with a peppy employee named Barb.  Emerson goes to Randy's apartment to check things out.  The back room is not what Cod was expecting.  It's full of taxidermied animals inserted into models.  It's incredibly creepy.  Emerson also finds an appendix in a jar.  The jar is marked “Joe.”  Ned and Randy hit it off.  Randy then shows Ned his hobby.  It's a golden retriever, stuffed and made to hold a guitar.  Ned is appalled, tells him to leave.  Then Emerson comes in, gun pointed at Randy.  Randy explains – Joe gave the appendix to Randy after his appendix burst. 

Olive and Chuck discover Barb is the actual Downey, named because she only does the Downs on her crosswords.  She starts crying in the locker room with Olive and Chuck.  However, when they look for a tissue, Barb pushes them into a locker and locks them inside. 

Emerson Cod has an intruder in his office.  It's his mother.  She tries to strangle him.  He rips her mask off.  She explains – she received a copy of My Lil' Gumshoe.  She thinks it was a smear campaign against her.  Emerson explains it's about his daughter.  She's been delving deep into Emerson's personal life. 

Olive and Chuck get on each other's nerves in the locker.  They air all their dirty laundry.  Chuck calls out Olive's infatuation with Ned.  Ned gets them out of the locker and then they check out Buddy's office.  Barb is dead, killed by someone in Buddy's office thanks to the Hug Machine.  They wake her up.  Turns out she was Joe's boyfriend.  He was actually working the night he died, moonlighting as a friend for someone with serious sports issues in his past.  They figure it's the same vindictive mascot/nerd that CEO Buddy had discussed in the previous meeting.  Buddy shows up, freaks out, and goes to evacuate the building.  Then, the lights go out and Buddy screams.  In the panic, Ned and Chuck almost touch each other, forcing Ned to knock over a football player dummy – it turns out it's not a dummy.  When Ned touches it, he wakes up.   

Ned talks to the mannequin.  Underneath, he's a mummy.  He shows them in the yearbook that Buddy Abacus was actually the nerd, not a jock.  The mummy was the high school QB.  Buddy had an imagination, and was also the punching bag for all of the football team.  He thought he was a friend of the QB.  He wasn't, and then Buddy killed him.  Joe was his new QB.  His new man crush.  When Joe decided to leave the company to be with Barb, Buddy went mad and killed Joe.  And then Barb.  Buddy puts a sword to Chuck, then approaches Ned.  Emerson, however, has a baseball bat and he nails Buddy with it. 

Ned takes the Frescort client list and invites everyone to the Pie Hole for a mixer.  It goes off wonderfully.  Chuck tells Ned that she's going to move back in.  Ned says that he wants to see her more, but that she can't move back in.  Ned has to learn how to live alone, and Chuck needs to figure out how to live with Olive.  Olive is happy to learn that Chuck will stay.

Emerson and his mom make up from their previous fight.  She's going to be Emerson's mom, not his friend.  She gives him notes on the story for his pop-up book.  Ned enjoys some pizza by himself.  Chuck knocks on the door, covered only by a sheet.  She lets it fall.  Chuck is completely naked.  This makes Ned happy.

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