It's A Matter of Life and Death for 'Pushing Daisies'
It's A Matter of Life and Death for 'Pushing Daisies'
It's no pun if you're a Pushing Daisies fan, drawn to the show the moment it first aired last year, the moment Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel) “met” again, and the moment they started expressing their affections in the most untouchable of methods.  With all those reviews, it seems that the show itself is untouchable, but with cancellation all but happening, fans are up in arms to save their favorite quirky fairy tale.

The thing is, there's no actual word whether the show will actually continue.  Everybody—fans, cast and crew—are clueless about its fate, and now that production for the last of 13 episodes set for this season has finished, the wait has never felt more excruciating.

“Our ABC exec was on the set last night saying they are still swinging in the fight to keep Daisies on the air,” series creator Bryan Fuller said.  “Spirits are high and hopeful and everyone here is very proud of our work and this show.”

“We're on the bubble, and I just hate that,” Kristin Chenowith said in a separate interview.  “I'm very impatient.  The frustrating thing is that the decision is being made in slow motion.”

Fans themselves have begun a petition: a website,, has already attracted 40,000 signatures, with more fans choosing to let their pleas known direct to ABC.

Yet, there's no final word about Pushing Daisies' fate.

History makes things a bit more complicated.  Dirty Sexy Money had pretty much the same story as Daisies: both shows were affected by the writers' strike last year, and both were not continued for the remainder of the season when the conflict settled.  But ABC is also known for giving struggling hits a chance—Eli Stone, for instance, or According to Jim, which has run for a while now.

So, before everything unravels, fans can only hope for the best, while watching whatever's possibly left of Pushing Daisies.  Tonight from 8pm on ABC, Ned reluctantly helps magician “The Great Herrmann” (guest star Fred Willard), whose animal assistants have been mysteriously dying.  By then, at the back of fan's heads, they're probably wishing that the magicians can help keep Daisies' fortunes up—or that Ned can do something about it.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, The Hollywood Reporter, New York Daily News, The Tampa Tribune
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