Has 'Pushing Daisies' Come to an End?
Has 'Pushing Daisies' Come to an End?
Pushing Daisies, it seems, is all but gone.  Yesterday, production wrapped on the final episode of ABC's thirteen-episode order.  ABC is remaining mum on the subject, but all signs point to an imminent cancellation of the critically adored but little-watched series.  It's a sneaky way to cancel a series.  In a way, ABC can say that this isn't a cancellation at all, just merely the end of all the ordered episodes.  Their contract has run out.  Bryan Fuller's work on Pushing Daisies has been nothing short of magnificent, and it's a sad day for fans of the show.  There is some hope that ABC will decide to order more episodes, but the prospects are bleak. 

Pushing Daisies
premiered over a year ago with solid ratings numbers and excellent word of mouth.  The show was one of the many victims of the writers' strike, however, and ABC opted not to bring the show back for more episodes after the strike ended.  They did the same thing with Dirty Sexy Money – this ploy did not work, as audiences mostly forgot about the shows and failed to return when they came back for their respective second seasons. 

Why?  Pushing Daisies might have been just a little too weird for the general public.  It's unique in ways that are difficult to describe.  If you haven't seen the show, it may sound morbid and unseemly.  But, Pushing Daisies was one of the most unabashed joyous viewing experiences TV has ever offered.  Such hyperbolic statements might reek of desperation in the face of cancellation, but I'll stick to it – Pushing Daisies is great.  Cleverly written, wonderfully acted, with surreal production values that electrify the screen, especially if you're watching in HD. 

Bryan Fuller has stated that, in the event of a cancellation, he is determined to keep the story of the Pie-maker going, in whatever form he can.  This might be via a comic book or, hopefully, a movie of some sort.  It's hard to imagine any movie studio green-lighting a film version of a little-watched television series, but if the cult of Pushing Daisies rises up, like it did for Firefly and has for Arrested Development, you never know.

Bryan Fuller remains optimistic, though.  If the ratings for next week's episode improve, more episodes could be ordered.  Unfortunately, there's no reason to believe that ratings will improve. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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