'Psych' Series Finale Teasers: An Ending That Will Leave Psych-Os Satisfied
'Psych' Series Finale Teasers: An Ending That Will Leave Psych-Os Satisfied
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It's time to get your tissues ready, Psych-Os! Tonight Shawn and Gus will bid farewell after eight seasons of Psych and, as expected, the final episode will serve as a huge nostalgic tribute to fans, much like the rest of season 8. 

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

The series finale, entitled "The Break-Up," features Shawn and Gus revisiting their old high school in attempt to solve a case.  More importantly, it also puts the spotlight on Shawn and Juliet's future. 

To refresh your memory, Juliet decided to take the job Vicki offered her up north in the episode "1967: A Psych Odyssey" and has since decided to try a long distance relationship with Shawn until they need to establish a more definitive solution when the time is right. That time has finally come tonight. 

Will Shawn and Juliet move forward with their relationship or will they part ways as the ominous title suggest? No matter what happens, huge changes are expected to take place not just for the couple but for other Psych characters as well. 

"The Break-Up" can certainly mean many things but it's seems that the ending will most likely leave viewers satisfied. According to Eonline, "all your favorite characters get their moment to shine, including the infamous Dobson, who we finally get to meet. All will be (mostly) well in Psych-land, and we're pretty sure you won't have much more to ask for by the time the doors close on Santa Barbara."

After the series finale, fans will be treated with never-before-seen footage and memorable clips in the hour-long live special called  Psych After Pshow which will be hosted by Kevin Pereira. 

The misadventures of Shawn and Gus will surely be missed after tonight but, according to USA network president Chris McCumber, fans of the faux detective series might still get a chance to see the lead characters in a movie or a special feature in the future.

The series finale of Psych airs Wednesday March 26 at 9pm on USA.

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