'Psych' Season 8 Gets Order for Five More Scripts
'Psych' Season 8 Gets Order for Five More Scripts
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Psych season 7 has been a roller coaster ride so far, with fun and wacky episodes like the 100th Clue-themed extravaganza and more serious turns like last week's episode that dealt with the emotional fall-out from Shawn and Juliet's recent big talk. 

But even though we're still in the midst of season 7, that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to Psych season 8. Deadline reports that USA could possibly be thinking of adding some more episodes to next season. The network has ordered five more scripts, which comes after USA picked up an eight- episode eighth season back in December. Fans were excited to get the news that the show was already renewed before the current season had even started airing, but perhaps less excited to learn that season 8 could possibly be its last. 

But the order for more scripts could be a sign that the network has more faith in the show, especially now that it's been showing some really strong numbers. Despite a long hiatus, Psych season 7 debuted to 2.9 million - up double digits in viewers and all key demos versus its Season 6 debut. The additional script order also comes on the heels of Psych posting more strong numbers last Wednesday, including 2.8 million viewers, up 23% from the previous week. 

What does all of that mumbo-jumbo mean? In a nutshell it means that Psych is doing pretty darn good this season and raking in lots of viewers. So keep on watching Psych-O's and maybe, just maybe, we'll not only get a full season order for next year, but maybe one after that. No, there's no way to know that for sure, but there's nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking, right?

If Psych does get a full season order next year, it makes one wonder what they are going to do with Shawn and Juliet. Now that the Big Secret is out, Shawn and Juliet are going through a definite rough patch. Is it possible that the rough patch could continue into next season? We'll just have to wait and see. 

What do you think Psych fans? Are you happy to hear that Psych season 8 could get extended by another 5 episodes? Do you think that next season could be the last?

Psych airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm on USA. 

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