Psych: Raves for Season 2 DVD, Shows no Sign of Being Canceled
Psych: Raves for Season 2 DVD, Shows no Sign of Being Canceled
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Often compared to its timeslot neighbor Monk, some critics can't help but point out how Psych seems to be getting the infamous Emmy snub, which had been directed to some great shows in the past.  Some have pointed out that Psych is often every bit as entertaining as the Tony Shalhoub show.  It is even better in some respects as it is said to take more risks in terms of its format.

While Psych may not have a Tony Shalhoub, who has swept the Emmy's three years in a row, its main star James Roday as Shawn Spencer is not totally bad.  In fact, in seasons past, it was his chemistry with Dule Hill, who plays his best friend Gus, that was said to be the show's finer points.  After the release of Psych: The Complete Second Season, this remains to be true.

Also, season 2 had guest stars such as Tim Curry (as a Simon Cowell-like TV talent show judge), Lou Diamond Philips (as a treasury agent who likes the character of Maggie Lawson, who is, coincidentally, Shawn's love interest), and Kevin Sorbo (as a modern-day bounty hunter).  Recently, it opened its third season with a guest-appearance by Cybill Shepherd, who plays Shawn's psychologist mom).

Psych fans, however, are wondering if enough people watch the show for USA Network not to cancel it.  For one, the network is doing well with Friday's Monk-Psych line-up, in addition to the fact that Psych is a relatively young show, with only two seasons under its belt.  Plus cable networks aren't really the type to just cancel shows like broadcast networks.  It's also hard to forget that Psych was the highest-rated television premiere on 2006 in basic cable in all key demographics.

The four-disc Psych: The Complete Second Season is available now at $59.98.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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