'Psych' Interview: Corbin Bernsen and Kirsten Nelson Joke Around... A Lot
'Psych' Interview: Corbin Bernsen and Kirsten Nelson Joke Around... A Lot
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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On Wednesday, October 12, Psych season 6 will finally premiere with new episodes. But the long wait has definitely not silenced the stars of the USA show. BuddyTV had a chance to talk with Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer) and Kirsten Nelson (Chief Vick) at Comic-Con last summer. And the results were both interesting and hilarious.

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How are you enjoying yourself so far here at Comic-Con?
Corbin Bernsen: I'm really enjoying myself. This is a blast. It's fun. I wanna go down to the floor, although my wife just texted me and said it's crazy down there.

Kristen Nelson: Is it crazy? You have to get there early. I mean, I think we'll probably hit the floor at like 9am.

Corbin Bernsen: Oh. Are you going tomorrow?

Kirsten Nelson: Absolutely, absolutely. Because, it's like... I think it's kind of cool.

Corbin Bernsen: You're going to be at the floor at 9am! And willing to sign autographs for anyone who approaches you.

Kirsten Nelson: And will be wearing pink flowers in her hair. Find her. No, we'll be wearing Princess Leia. I think that's pretty cool. I like the ride in. We were pointing out all the costumes.

Corbin Bernsen: Princess Leia? Is that because I wanna lay-a?

Kirsten Nelson: Are you really going back that far?

But if you were going to dress up as somebody, Princess Leia, is that your choice?
Kirsten Nelson: No, I would totally be Hitgirl, and that's what my daughter did go as for Christmas... For Christmas? Wow!

Corbin Bernsen: You're still getting dressed up for Christmas? Going to midnight mass on Halloween?

Kirsten Nelson: Come here, mass murderer! Come here, let's go! No, I would be on there as Hitgirl. [To Corbin] You know Hitgirl!

Corbin Bernsen: No, I don't.

Kirsten Nelson: From -- really? Alright. But I have the purple wig at home.

Corbin Bernsen: From what?

Kirsten Nelson: What's the name of that movie?

Kirsten Nelson: Kick-Ass, thank you. She made me say the bad word.

Corbin Bernsen: Ass or kick?

Kirsten Nelson: I said too many bad words at the panel and they're all calling me on it. I told Lina that she couldn't say it because she wanted to be Higirl, my 5-year old.

Corbin Bernsen: It-girl or Hitgirl?

Kirsten Nelson: Hit! She's literally a fantastic assassin.

Corbin Bernsen: Oh, that's why all those people wearing the purple hair?

Probably, some of them might be something else.
Kirsten Nelson: We told her the movie is called Kick-Donkey, and that's why I can't remember. I'm gonna say Kick-Donkey and that's not right. She can't say Kick-Ass.

Corbin Bernsen: What? Why can't she say that? Is ass a bad word?

Kirsten Nelson: Well, I don't want my pre-schooler to be like "I'm from Kick-Ass!" I just didn't want my 4-year-old going around saying it.

Corbin Bernsen: You have a problem saying jackass?

Kirsten Nelson: Yeah, I don't let her say that!

Corbin Bernsen: What do you call the donkey then?

Kirsten Nelson: Donkey! A burro, I'll call it a burro.

Corbin Bernsen: Yeah, especially in California, especially down here.

So Kirsten is going to be Hitgirl, who would you be, if you were going to dress up?
Corbin Bernsen: I'm gonna dress up?

Yeah, if you were going to dress up in a costume.
Corbin Bernsen: [Long pause]

This is a tough question...
Corbin Bernsen: No, I was gonna dress up...

Kirsten Nelson: Well, I've got my backup. I've already got my backup.

Corbin Bernsen: Charlton Heston in Ben Hur.

Okay, that would be impressive.
Kirsten Nelson: We would see very, very few clothes on you. No, Hitgirl would be my "mask outfit." But do you guys know Preacher? The Preacher series.

Little bit.
Corbin Bernsen: There's not a lot of Charlton Hestons in Ben Hur running around. We're interchangeable with Kirk Douglas in Spartacus. It's just Roman stuff. Talking about topless toga and a shield, to hide my junk.

Kirsten Nelson: Alright. So then I'll see you on the floor at 9am, in your toga.

Corbin Bernsen: "Who are you?" "I'm Charlton Heston! That guy Ben! Aren't I Hur? I'm Ben Hur!" Is he Ben Hur?

Kirsten Nelson: He's Ben Hur!

Corbin Bernsen: His name?

Kirsten Nelson: Yes!

Corbin Bernsen: He's like a Jewish lawyer. "I'm Ben Hur, nice to meet you."

Kirsten Nelson: I think it's like hyphenated. Have you not seen the movie?

Corbin Bernsen: No.

Kirsten Nelson: Oh that's why the confusion. You haven't seen the movie?

Corbin Bernsen: Ben Hur? Like years ago.

Kirsten Nelson: Oh my god.

He is Jewish.
Corbin Bernsen: Are you serious?

Kirsten Nelson: It's kind of like the main point of the movie.

Corbin Bernsen: Like in The Ten Commandments? I know he's a Jew there. Then he played Moses? That's a Jew, I didn't know Ben Hur was a Jew.

Kirsten Nelson: That's the whole point! It's like, "Oh no! Against the Romans!" It's a big...

Corbin Bernsen: I've seen Ben Hur!

Kirsten Nelson: Look at you! You're so cute!

Corbin Bernsen: Did you know that?

Corbin Bernsen: You've seen Ben Hur?

Kirsten Nelson: I have. Chariot race, everything! It won like eleven Academy Awards.

Corbin Bernsen: So he is a Jew?

Kirsten Nelson: Where's the fly on the wall for this?

Corbin Bernsen: I won't play any persecuted characters.

Kirsten Nelson: All persecutions during this announcement have been paid for ...

Corbin Bernsen: All persecutions. So he's a Jew, running around in a chariot...

Well, he's not really running around in chariots. He's fighting Romans.
Corbin Bernsen: Really? Is he a slave?

Kirsten Nelson: Ohh. We might be getting into kind of a... I don't want to give too much away.

Now you're making it sound like Gladiator.
Corbin Bernsen: Is he a Jew?

No, he is not a Jew.
Corbin Bernsen: Charlton Heston is a Jew?

Kirsten Nelson: It's kind of like, Sean Connery is a Spaniard. Sean Connery is a Russian. Really?

Corbin Bernsen: Moses, I knew.

Kirsten Nelson: And he still has this Scottish accent.

Corbin Bernsen: Well, that's great. So there you go, I'm going to play Jew the Hur.

Kirsten Nelson: And now that we went all that way...

So, Psych! Favorite and least favorite things about the show.
Corbin Bernsen: Least favorite?

Kirsten Nelson: Favorite and least favorite.

Corbin Bernsen: Least favorite: not Vancouver, but Vancouver that rains.

It does that a lot.
Corbin Bernsen: It does that a lot, which doesn't allow for a lot of story. But, again, not Vancouver because I love Vancouver. I love the crew, but I hate the rain part of it. Favorite thing is the many days off that I have.

Kirsten Nelson: Watch this! My least favorite thing: the many days off that I have.

Corbin Bernsen: Well, I'm glad you're happy the day I'm unhappy.

Kirsten Nelson: I know, that's why we rarely work with each other.

Corbin Bernsen: [To someone passing by] Did you know that Ben Hur was a Jew?

Kirsten Nelson: Oh my god!

Corbin Bernsen: I told them I wanted to play Charlton Heston. I learn something new everyday!

Kirsten Nelson: My favorite thing is him! How's that?

Corbin Bernsen: Well, this has been stimulating. [Signing an autograph] Can I sign it as Ben Hur? "Corbin Bernsen aka Ben Hur."  How about this? "Cor-Ben Hur!"

Kirsten Nelson: He put it in italics.

Corbin Bernsen: I'm not sure if we have time for the whole explanation of this joke.

Kirsten Nelson: Thank you, you kill me. You kill me. Thank you guys!

(Underneath his signature, Corbin Bernsen added the phrase "Jewish Chariot Guy." In case anyone other than him didn't know.)

Season 6 of Psych will premiere Wednesday, October 12 at 10pm on USA.

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