'Psych' Gets Musical at Comic Con 2012
'Psych' Gets Musical at Comic Con 2012
Psych returned to Comic-Con for the fourth time, proving the Psych-o fans just can't seem to get enough. This panel is known for keeping fans on their toes. Remember the time when Curt Smith, James Roday and Dule Hill performed Tears For Rears' "Shout"? Or last year when William Shatner made an appearance? It's no wonder why it made our list of must see TV Comic-Con panels this year. How will they top themselves?

Promising to be a panel full of interacting fun, exclusive clips and answers to fan questions lets get to it.

Who's Here?
James Roday (Shawn)
Dule Hill (Gus)
Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara)
Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter)
Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick)
Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer)
Steve Franks (Creator and Executive Producer)
Kelly Kulchak (Executive Producer)
Chris Henze (Executive Producer)

After a short clip of scenes from season 2, the Psych panel is being moderated by Timothy Omundson. The cast sets the tone by opening up a can of pineapple juice. As Omundson says, once you go 100 episodes you never got back.

The panel was mostly Q&A with some behind-the-scenes tidbits, a little singing and random facts.

What's shafts of light? As Roday explains there is a place in the woods where 50 minutes of light comes through the trees. Roday took the cast there to film the episode he directed but it rained the whole time

Maggie Lawson's favorite part of working with Tim? From day one before each take she asks: what are you gonna do Tim? His response: I'm gong to act the shit out of this. And vice versa.

Corbin Bernsen's least favorite scene shoot? Getting shot and wondering "do i have a job?"

What was Maggie Lawson's worst audition ever? After some laughs, when she was 19 she went in to an audition to play a 30 year old mother. After that she did pack up for Kentucky for a while. But as Dule Hill points out, it's probably a good thing she didn't get the part. 

Will Shawn be growing up after his dad was shot?
Lets be real, there's no plans for him to mature. Its only been a year... maybe in 2014.

More themed episodes?
This question wasn't really answered but Psych would love to do more Star Wars but it's just not in the budget.

And what about the musical?
The musical episode has been partially written. Will shoot in October. And guess what? It will be a two hour event!

Guest Stars? Jeffery Tambor will be on the show. He will play Juliet's step dad. 

What would be on the Chief's DVR?
Probably The Big Bang Theory, The Closer and MTV music videos. From 1998, because they don't show music videos anymore. And Old School for good measure.

If Henry had a different career what does Corbin Bernsen think it would be? Assassin. But he's a peaceful guy so the weapon of choice would be pie.

What celebrities have the cast geeked out over? Hill it's Lionel Richie and for Lawson and Nelson it's William Shatner. Just listen to the commentary and you'll hear lots of giggles and sequels. 

A Book? On February 13, 2013 Psych is releasing "Psych's Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Underqualified" by Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster.

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