VIDEO: 'Project Runway' Gets Personal
VIDEO: 'Project Runway' Gets Personal
The newest clip from this week's Project Runway sheds a little more light on the crying and the secrets that have been hinted at in earlier clips.

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We already knew that the designers would be creating their own fabric this week, but the twist is that they must act as their own muse. Tim says the inspiration must be a moment in time that was profound, important and inspiring. Then there's a montage of clips of the designers as kids and I can see where this is going. Watch the clip, then we'll talk.

When Tim says he's sending in the special guests, they have to be family members. Many shows throw this into the mix near the end to stir the emotional pot. On the surface it always seems like the producers are doing a nice thing for the homesick contestants but it's a make it or break it moment for many. Some are inspired to finish strong while others fall apart at the site of their family and lose their momentum.

What do you think? Family behind the door? What else would fit the personal nature of the challenge. And how does all of this fit in with the accusation of cheating?

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