The 5 Best and Worst Looks of 'Project Runway' Season 15
The 5 Best and Worst Looks of 'Project Runway' Season 15
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Like any season of Project Runway, season 15 was filled with highs and lows. Some talented designers made it far into the competition, while everybody else got the auf wiedersehen from Heidi. Let's take a look at my five worst and best looks of the season. We'll start with the five worst looks.

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Worst Looks

#5 Roberi ("An Unconventional Trip")

5Roberi.jpgYes, Roberi was a finalist. And yes, this is the dress that got him to Fashion Week. And yes, he even won this challenge! But I just can't see what the judges saw. To me, this doesn't look like clothes, and people have been eliminated for looks just like it in past unconventional materials challenges. It looks like a craft project and it barely covers the model's sensitive bits of flesh. Roberi did deserve to be in the finals, but definitely not because of this look.

#4 Nathalia ("Power Trip")

4Nathalia.jpgNathalia wanted to create a high-fashion super hero for this challenge, but really she only managed to make a costume that looks like it's available at a Halloween store. The fabric choice is off, the design is poor and altogether it just doesn't look like fashion.

#3 Linda ("Just Fabulous")

3Linda.jpgYikes. This look is just a combination of mistakes. First, Linda tried to work with stretchy wool, and it was just uncooperative. Then she made a heinous sheer "jacket" to try to hide the mistakes of her dowdy sweater dress. Just overall, a complete mess.

#2 Brik ("Welcome to the Urban Jungle")

2Brik.jpgYou'd think after landing in the bottom two, not once, but twice, after making weird pants, Brik would re-evaluate his strategy. But no, he had to do pants one last time. Maybe he was trying to prove a point? Unfortunately, this time was the worst offense. The pants may be will tailored, but what was he thinking with that print? And then pairing it with that print on top? It just hurts my eyes to look at!

#1 Kimber ("Blacklight or Daylight")

1Kimber.jpgFor the blacklight challenge, the designers had to design something that looked good in daylight and under the blacklight. Kimber's dress did neither. The print is so hideous that it should be kept in a room with no light, so it can never be seen again.

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Best Looks

#5 Corey ("Power Trip")

5Corey.jpgCorey proved that Tim Gunn was right to save him with this look that represented the way the city looked from a helicopter. The technique he used to lay the colors underneath the gray wool is a perfect accent to the look and a great pop of color. It's definitely Corey's strongest work of the competition.

#4 Roberi ("Life is Full of Surprises")

4Roberi.jpgAt first when I saw this mix of prints on Roberi's mannequin, I was downright frightened. But he did something magical to the prints and made them come together in such a beautiful way. He made his friend from home look like this dress was made for her (which, of course it was.) 

#3 Rik ("Sink or Swim")

3Rik.jpgRik deservedly won this challenge after picking the perfect print and designing a chic and modern swimsuit and cover-up that Heidi then sold on her website. In a competition where most people blow the swimsuit challenge, Rik knocked this one out of the park.

#2 Laurence ("There IS Crying in Fashion")

2Laurence.jpgSquare shoulder? Check. Black? Check. Fine leather and detailing? Check and check. It must be a piece from Laurence! This dress is Laurence's finest piece of the season, inspired by a Chesterfield sofa, of all things. Unfortunately she didn't have more pieces like this in her final collection, but she sure made an impact over the course of the competition.

#1 Erin ("An Unconventional Launch Party")

1Erin.jpgErin set the tone for the entire competition, and what would eventually be her win, with her very first look. It might be one of the most creative unconventional dresses ever, and funnily enough, it also exemplifies everything that Erin stands for as a designer. It's bright, it's fun and it walks beautifully on the runway. The rest of the designers should have just thrown in the towel then and there.

What do you think? Who do you think made the best looks? Which designers do you think we'll see back in a future season of Project Runway All Stars? Tells us your thoughts and be sure to like our Facebook page for more updates and news on upcoming seasons.

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