'Project Runway' Recap: Two Designers, One 'Surprise'
'Project Runway' Recap: Two Designers, One 'Surprise'
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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It's week three and the number of hopeful designers is dwindling down with only 14 remaining on Project Runway: Teams. The Dream Team seriously needs to step it up, since the only two eliminations have come from their losing streak. Can they finally top Keeping It Real's effortlessly gelled machine? Or will those nightmares just get worse and worse?

Heidi is looking for sexy showstoppers to wear while promoting her new fragrance "Surprise." So let's hope the teams are prepared to deal with such a picky, and important, client!

Let's just get straight to it, shall we?

Heidi meets the teams in the workroom where she presents her prettily pinked out fragrance package, inspiration and storyboard. I'm thinking, if Heidi Klum was a scent, this would be it. Sugar, spice and everything nice. 

"Surprise" Challenge: Teams will create for two separate occasions. One for TV and Print advertisements and one for Press events. In the end, two designers will win and have their looks showcased around the world. They have one day.

The Dream Team is a bunch of losers, literally, so they are already down to six people, meaning each designer will work alone. This could work in their favor since each person will only have themselves to worry about. Right?

On the other hand, Team Keeping It Real is riding on cloud nine and still has all the original team members. This means four people will need to pair up. Those lucky designers are Layana and Kate, and Amanda and Joseph. 

The Workroom

With KIT

Layana won last week's challenge, thanks to Daniel's street smarts, so she has immunity. So when the question of color pops up for she and Kate's corset dress and Layana would rather gold and not pink, the struggle begins. 

The colors for "Surprise" are pink, yellow and black. Pink and black seem to be a more universal choice when thinking sensual, sexy, pretty. These are all inspirational words used by Heidi herself. Kate is on a track that I like, but Layana is adamant about black and gold. Then criticizes Kate's structuring on the corset which is her signature technique. 

Oh, and Patricia has, again, taken on a project that calls for way more time than what she actually has. She stands at her table, cutting out little tiny pieces of pink leather in order to checker them and sew them by the corners, creating an overlay. Yeah, we'll see how much of this she can complete in a day.

With Dream Team

Again, their focus is on the individual and not the team as a whole. Everyone is facing their own sporadic battles.

Cindy is trying to make her sexiest garment yet, but her flashy, shimmery, fabric is all wrong. Matthew is lost and confused, there's a big surprise. He simply has no idea what to do. He's bought a lot of black materials from Mood and just looks like he needs as many helping hands as possible. 

Probably the absolute worst of the bunch, though, has to be Benjamin. Yes, the same guy who has worked with all these incredible designers all over the world. Forget that! His neglect of time management has left him without a completed bodice for his model to wear down the runway! His teammates are scurrying to wrap the poor girl in this heap of pale pink mess with gold leather straps. It's bad.

The Runway

Judges: Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
Guest Judge: Kristin Davis

Team KIT

The majority of their looks look great. Layana and Kate's struggle turned masterpiece is really showstopping. The corset gives it structure, yet the flowing chiffon lends a soft, dramatic touch. 

On the other hand you have Richard's black and white disaster. It MIGHT be okay, but there's the butt, literally. He's placed this overly large gather of ruffles on her backside. 

Dream Team

Sorry, guys. On the bottom again from the looks of it. It's the opposite of what is seen in their opponents. Only a few good pieces like Michelle's. A little black dress with speckles of gold about the neckline and a elongated frame, exposing the spine. 

Then there's the train wreck, coughed up by Benjamin. Words just cannot describe and even if they could, they probably wouldn't want to.

Winning Team: Team Keeping It Real

Best Looks

Patricia - Her leather checkerboard overlay was something Heidi says she has "never seen before."

Kate and Layana - Zac loves the dimension, layers and shadows displayed by the design.

Daniel - It may be something the judges have seen before, but the treatment of the leather lining over the golden gown is exquisite.

Worst Looks

Matthew - His bondage inspiration has been taken too far. Nina jokes with Heidi, "I think the surprise is you're going to be a dominatrix." Ouch!

Cindy - It's a 1950's party dress with a sliver of a slit down the front which she claims is "sexy." Kristin comments that her character Charlotte of Sex and the City may have worn something similar 10-15 years ago!

Benjamin - "It's probably the worst construction I've seen," says Nina. That's all that needed to be said.

So who wins?

TV and Print Ad Winner: Kate
Press Winner: Daniel (even though his dress was designed from TV and Print)

And who goes home?

Eliminated: Cindy

With tears welled in her eyes, Cindy gives her thanks to her inspiration, Tim Gunn. "It was because of you," she says, "that my life has changed and I'm a fashion designer." He hugs her and scoots her on her way to clean up her area. Oh well!

Tonight's episode really made me think about this whole team setup. For designers such as Michelle of the Dream Team, is it fair that her designs are swept under the rug, so to speak, because her teammates can't hold up their end of the bargain? And you could argue for the other side, as well. Richard's dress was horrible, yet he sits back, wiping his brow because he caught a break from some really talented team members. 

Is this season really fair? 

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, Heidi keeps those surprises coming. Not only will the designers be drawing inspiration, and material, from a flower shop, but a hardware store, too! Tune in Thursday night when Bette Midler joins the runway as guest judge.

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