'Project Runway:' The Wheels On the Bus
'Project Runway:' The Wheels On the Bus
The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump as they run over the bodies of the Project Runway designers. Seriously, I've seen horror movies that weren't this much of a blood bath. One sweet designer got bashed, another took the fall and one person got what they had coming in the form of an uncharacteristic rant by Tim Gunn.

The twelve remaining designers were broken up into two teams of six for a challenge involving hot trends for fall. Paris are tough enough, but putting six creative minds together was just asking for trouble and they got it.

Michael C won last week so in addition to immunity, he got first pick of designers and clearly he was out of his mind when he picked Gretchen. He also ended up with Christopher, Ivy, AJ and Andy, making them the strongest team with four prior wins to their credit. Christopher and Andy are also two of the stronger designers, either of whom could sneak up and win this thing.

That left April, Mondo, Michael D, Valerie, Peach and Casanova on the other team. Without a win between them, they had nowhere to go but up. As a team they picked military as their trend then paired it with a bold choice of lace. Michael's team went with menswear for women and camel as a color.

Right out of the gate, Gretchen took charge on team menswear and everyone was oddly agreeable. Instead of each of them making their own complete outfit, they decide that making pieces for different outfits would be a better use of their abilities. That was bad choice number two.

On the other side of the work room, April's team was working together while still retaining their own individual flare and it looked like they were in for a win until . . .


Tim was totally underwhelmed but what he saw during his check-in and once again he jumped on Casanova accusing him of making yet another old lady outfit. Gretchen decided this would be a good time to impress Tim with how well they were all getting along. Super, only, what have you designed lately? Not much. Tim declared their collection boring which threw them into a tizzy.

Unable to handle the criticism, Casanova slunk off to the lounge to sulk and each of his team members had to waste precious time trying to coax him back to work. It was his model who finally got through to him saying basically, do what you want and who cares what other people think! That suited Casanova and he was all gung-ho after that.

Over on Team Luxe's side of the room, Ivy started calling out Michael C who mutters to the camera about how he's going to blow if she doesn't knock it off. Then everyone realized that AJ has done nothing but work on one shirt dress which he didn't even have enough of to try on his model when she arrived. Eek! Will they ever pull it together? Yeah, sort of.


The runway show was one of the most boring of the season and in the end it was the underdog team that took the win. Casanova got high praise and first prize which he didn't deserve after making his team waste their time with his antics.

Speaking of antics. . . oh, Team Luxe. Once they found out they were the losers, they made a pact not to throw anyone under the bus when they stepped in front of the judges.

As expected, Gretchen took on the roll of spokesperson and she began with a heart-felt (cough) speech straight out of High School Musical. We're all in this together. We gave it everything we had and (sob), we couldn't be prouder of the work we produced (sob). Don't ask us to tell you who deserves to go home because we won't say, except that Michael C didn't carry his weight and I wasn't able to execute my design because I was too busy babysitting him and when it came to styling, I knew I was stuck with a crap collection but we won't name, names. We won't.

Then Ivy, who also refused to name names, commented that she wasn't sure if Michael C was incompetent or lazy, but she's not calling anyone out. The judges were both amused and appalled. They narrowed the field to Gretchen (yeah) and AJ (who was the worst next to Ivy) and AJ went home.

But wait, there's more! The gang returned to the waiting room to say their goodbyes to AJ then Tim came in to collect him but instead of his usual spiel, he told AJ to sit. What? Wow, If this were a cartoon, Tim would have steam coming up from under his collar. He says that AJ is going home only because the team let Gretchen manipulate and bully them!

This has got to be a first. I can't remember ever seeing Tim lashing out at a designer like that. But of course, Gretchen didn't even have the decency to hang her head. She said Tim was wrong and you know she'll be up to her same tricks next week.

Click here for a closer look at the designs that got them into this mess. But before you go, do you think Tim was out of line when he went after Gretchen?  Let's talk about it in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television.