'Project Runway' Season 7 Finale: And the Winner Is ...
'Project Runway' Season 7 Finale: And the Winner Is ...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last week on Project Runway, we watched as Tim Gunn visited the four final designers at home to track their progress on their lines, and then, after viewing three pieces from both Mila's and Jay's collections, the judges selected Mila to round out Emilio and Seth Aaron at Bryant Park.

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Tonight, in the highly anticipated Season 7 finale, after tirelessly working at home for four months, all three designers saw their ten piece collections walk down the runway at Bryant Park in New York Fashion Week, and the four Project Runway judges--Nina, Michael, Heidi and special guest Faith Hill--selected the winner.

Read my take (and give yours!) on tonight's Project Runway finale, and find out the Season 7 winner, below.

Bryant Park Prep
The day before the show, Mila, Seth Aaron and Emilio reentered the Project Runway work room to meet with Tim Gunn and the make-up and hair stylists. But not before they assessed the others' final work.
Mila called Seth Aaron's clothes a "glamorous Hot Topic," and said Emilio's remind her of being "in a boutique in Brooklyn in 1994." But the guys didn't have the nicest things to say about her collection, either, which may have been well made, but was too "demure" for their tastes.

Seth Aaron shocked Tim when he revealed he brought 24 looks and needed to edit to ten. After Tim visited him in Vancouver, Seth Aaron changed his line to make it "more clean and sophisticated." Tim still had concerns that Emilio's pieces would show the judges what they'd seen from him before, whereas Mila's chief concern should be in "roughening up" her models to keep the 60's mod collection looking young.

Going into the runway show, Emilio felt confident despite Tim's concerns, saying "This is for all those people who knew I could do it before I even knew I could do it."

sethaaronangel.jpgDay of Runway Show
After nights of barely any sleep, the designers went to the Bryant Park tent to prep for their ten minutes of glory.

"Now it's sinking in. The greatest names show here, and now I'm part of that," said Seth Aaron. Then, oh so reverently, he made a fake snow angel on the snow-white runway.

Two hours before the show, three of Mila's models haven't shown up, and one of Emilio's is also missing. 30 minutes intil the show, Mila was still two models down, and Tim Gunn came to the rescue, "pulling alternates" to keep the show going.

"I'm amped," said Seth Aaron as he looked at his fully prepped pieces. "I love it. It's beautiful. I achieved what I came to do. And no one can take that away from me."

Seth Aaron's Collection
See Seth Aaron's Full Finale Collection

Seth Aaron kicked off the event, telling the audience that his pieces were inspired by 1940's German military.

And they definitely looked it. With their strong lines, leather, bright stripes and bold colors, they take Seth Aaron's punk aesthetic to a more high fashion, high-glamor level. Like if Inglourious Basterds were set in the future, and starred only smokin' hot women. I doubt I'm the only one curious to see the 14 pieces he cut from the show, but each piece that came down the runway was like a breath of bright, bold, fresh air, a different take in a still entirely cohesive collection, so it seemed that he edited well.

(Can you tell that I not-so-secretly wanted him to take it all? But seriously, Seth Aaron is amazing, creative and innovative. Not to mention an impeccable tailor.)

My three favorite pieces from Seth Aaron's collection:
sethaaron-3favefinal-projrunway.jpgMila's Collection
See Mila's Full Finale Collection

Mila told the crowd that her collection's inspiration was shadows, and thanked her boyfriend, her "rock."

There's no doubt that her collection represents her on the runway. Overall, it's a rather dark collection (as one might assume about pieces inspired by shadows), but bright white stripes, aubergine tights and dresses, and a diverse, luxurious array of textures lift them up. It doesn't feel too conceptual, and many of the pieces look like they could walk right off the runway and onto the street, as compared to Seth Aaron's more extreme designs.

My three favorite pieces from Mila's Collection:
mila-3favefinal-projrunway.jpgEmilio's Collection
See Emilio's Full Finale Collection

Emilio named his collection "Color Me Bad," which was inspired by his mother and her sisters.

Emilio's pieces are made up of mostly dresses and coats in various combos of cherry red, bright cerulean and mustard. Certain pieces feel designed for an older woman (a mother, perhaps?), but modern twists like bright red leather gloves and a reoccurring original print, which looks like multicolored leopard from afar, keep them young. The show-stopper is his final piece, an evening gown that takes his mustard theme and turns it into shimmering gold (see below).

My three favorite pieces from Emilio's Collection:
emilio-3favefinal-projrunway.jpgThe Judges' Decision
The designers and their head models came before the judges to explain, defend and discuss their lines.

Seth Aaron: The judges raved about his tailoring and craftsmanship. Michael called the collection "exhilarating and powerful" but still filled with clothes people could wear. Nina said the clothes looked more sophisticated that they did during the season, though he still has a heavy hand in some outfits. It felt "editorial" to her.

Emilio: His goal was to create sportswear that women could feel beautiful in. Faith Hill was blown away by his coats especially. Heidi liked his "E. Sosa" print, and Michael called his collection the "most commercial," though his favorite piece was the least commercial: the final gown. The jump from the sportswear to the gown though, felt severe. Nina called the collection "quiet but sophisticated," but wanted more drama and feminine elegance like the bold final gown.

Mila: Michael called Mila's final product "a little nasty, but in a good way." Heidi appreciated how many pieces she would have loved to own, like the white tee. Faith loved her graphic dresses, gloves and leggings. Nina thought the show was successful, and the changes Mila made in loosening up her models, the pieces became "cooler."

The Winner
After extensive deliberation, the judges announced that Mila was out of the competition. In the end, as in the end of the weekly challenges, it came down to Emilio and Seth Aaron.

And then, at long last, they announced the winner of Project Runway Season 7:


sethaaronwin.jpgWhich means that his model, Kristina, is the winner of Models of the Runway.

As he hugged his family and celebrated his win, Seth Aaron appreciated the message of hard work that he was sending to his children. "The last several months of just work, work, work, and it's ended, it's paid off, and I won. That's what I came here to do, and that's what I did." 

What do you think of Seth Aaron's victory? Did your favorite designer win? (Mine did!)