'Project Runway' Season 5: Finale Recap
On tonight's season finale of Project Runway, the final three designers prepared to show their collections at Fashion Week at Bryant Park in New York City.  For them, it is the opportunity of a lifetime, to be able to showcase their work to the world, never mind some of the most important people in the industry.  Tim Gunn meets with the final three designers, Kenley Collins, Korto Momolu, and Leanne Marshall, to let them know that of the 12 garments they brought for Fashion Week, they'll only be allowed to show 10.  This move by the panel forces each designer to edit (which Tim always stresses) and choose only the best items to put on the runway and in front of the judges.

The preparation for the final runway show did not come without its problems.  Leanne fitted a model who brought her dog along with her and it went to the bathroom all over the floor.  Tim tried to give Kenley a little constructive criticism but she fired back afterwards, telling the other designers that she didn't care what anybody thought.  Thirty minutes before the show, one of Leanne's garments experiences some technical difficulties, when a collar goes limp and refuses to hold up.  She's forced to do some last minute work on it in order to present it on the runway.

At Bryant Park, Heid greets the guests and announces that Jennifer Lopez had pulled out of judging at hte last minute, due to a foot injury.  Instead, Tim Gunn will step in and judge, a first for him, but he promises to remain fair and unbiased.  Kenley presents first, followed by Korto and Leanne.  Afterwards, the judges can't help but sing Kenley's praises, until they tell her that one of her dresses looks too close to a Balenciaga design.  Kenley quips that, in the future, she'll do more research.

The panel doles out compliments as well as concerns to Korto and Leanne.  They feel that, while it's obvious that Korto put a lot of effort into her designs, they can appear overworked at times.  Leanne's collection was very cohesive, but she used certain ideas a bit too much (such as the petals on her skirts).  After deliberating, Heidi announces that Kenley is out, finishing in third place.  Kenley calls b.s. on the judges and, in her exit interview, expresses her anger over her placement in the competition.  It came down to Leanne and Korto but only one could be the winner. 

The season 5 winner of Project Runway was: Leanne Marshall!  It was no great surprise as the response at Fashion Week was overwhelmingly in her favor.  No surprising moments, certainly nothing shocking, but a solid finale with a very deserving winner!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)