'Project Runway' Season 5: Finale Live Thoughts
Tonight, Project Runway will crown its 5th winner after a showdown at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. The three finalists are: Kenley Collins, Korto Momolu, and Leanne Marshall. Kenley is overwhelmingly tonight’s underdog as her attitude has rubbed fans, her fellow designers, and the judges the wrong way. Leanne looks to be the frontrunner, with former contestants raving about her collection at Fashion Week, saying that this season was hers to lose. Where that leaves Korto is beyond me, though I expect her to be a strong contender. I’ll be here all hour covering the final runway show (and scanning the crowd for myself in the background). Stay with me, keep refreshing, and post your thoughts as we crown the season 5 winner of Project Runway!

Leanne makes a good observation: it's a Project Runway first to have 3 women in the finale.  Go girl power!

At the model casting, I spot Naima from Top Model as well as Shannon from Make Me A Supermodel.

Tim lets each designer know that they can only use 10 outfits for the runway show, even though they thought they could show 12.  Of course, Kenley doesn't listen to any of Tim's advice even saying she doesn't "give a f" what anybody thinks.  That will most likely be her undoing in this competition, wouldn't you say?

During a fitting, one of the models brings her dog, which proceeds to go to the bathroom on the floor.  As if that wasn't inappropriate enough, the model tries to pick it up while IN her evening gown that Leanne designed!!  Luckily, the garment was safe and sound. 

The order at Bryant Park is: Kenley, Korto, and Leanne.

30 minutes before the show, Leanne runs into a problem when the top of one of her garments goes limp and won't stay up on her model.  She switches the entire outfit out for one of her gowns instead.  Way to make it work! 

Time for the show!!  Heidi announces that Tim Gunn is judging tonight's finale because J Lo had to cancel.  I'm so not arguing.  The three finalists had no idea that Tim was judging.  I never knew that they were shocked by this! 

Kenley's collection is up first.  Her outfits don't appear to have a theme, unless I'm missing something.  I love several of her dresses though, and would buy them in a heartbeat!

Korto's designs definitely have an ethnic feel to them and she had one dress that really blew me away.  Not sure it will be enough to win the judges over but I think Korto is definitely going places.

Leanne closes tonight's show and I can see why people think she's going to win.  Her outfits definitely are cohesive and more importantly, they're made really well.  My only complaint is that they all kind of look the same but I bet it's something that the judges will appreciate.

I'm so mad!  I didn't make it onto this season's finale.  So far, I'm 1-2.

In panel, the judges have nothing but high praise for Kenley until Nina makes one criticism of her dress.  She finally admits that maybe she needs to do a little more research, but she has an attitude (as usual).  Heidi says it's very clear how much work Korto put into her designs, but says that some garments look overworked.  Tim says that Leanne's designs are "fantastic" and Nina is happy that she showed several different looks.

Ooh, I'm so nervous.  Dammit, Kenley is eliminated and went out 3rd.  I liked her.  I was hoping she'd get to final two.  And the winner is: LEANNE!  What a shocker... that was sarcasm, people.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)